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334 <br />1 <br />i <br />adjournedo <br />i <br />r' <br />There being no further business or motion made, seconded*,,,,. ,,carrip��,� th��, then <br />'�or ®iYi_rilvi�.►+®r �®i OiiNrlD r�ei�A Kiri �tl�.`�•�R®�rA •.F' MOr.�.r.wi� •��wrwaW,+.w frsMlrMi/r �p� �A i��Or�rrrs+OO lylra ®pM4iiil <br />,THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1947 <br />e <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House In <br />Fero Beach, Florida at 11x00 O'clock A. M., Thursday, March 13, 19)t?, in special meeting <br />with the following members of the Board presents W. C. Graves, Jr.', Chairman; Albert 0. Helseth,, <br />and <br />B. B. Glover,/Frank C. Vickers. Absents R. W. Graves. Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, <br />j,Attorney; Alice Helleso, County Nurse; J. L. Helpling, and Douglas Baker, Clerk,- <br />Chairman Graves announced this meeting was held for the purpose of receiving i 'ar�- <br />i ; <br />�, mation from Jimmie Barry of Ft. Pierce with regard to the 3t. *Lueie Coanty Welfare organization ±� <br />'and operation. <br />Jimmie Barry appeared before the Board and furnished information as he had been re- <br />quested and was very helpful in presenting the matter of the organisation and operation of <br />.3 <br />the Gt. Lucie Counter Welfare Board for the purpose of giving such information to thls Board so <br />61that they would be more familiar with such in the event it was determined advisable to try to: <br />similar <br />organIxe-: board in Indian River County. <br />At the conclusion of the meeting each one present expressed his sincere appreciation <br />to Wr. Barry and his presence at the meeting, and for the valuable information furnished by hila*, <br />County Commissioner's bond for J.JL.'Heipling' District No. 2, In the sum.of $29000 <br />with U, 3. Fidelity and Guarantj Company of kow York is sureti seas' approved. <br />u <br />There being' no further business npdh ,motion ilurl.y mede' seconded and carried, the <br />N <br />Board then adaourned. <br />s <br />Itl r��ArF.rAi•rlwi�riw .r•M11ry.a.�r��w��n .ae �flar�ill►�'err.�4s1,����r.►i�.�rr4ss�..rri.rrr�.arar�rfl�i ���rlrs�'�1�1 YI�sfRAl r <br />The Board of County Commissioner; of Indian Rivpr County, met at the Court House In <br />i <br />Zero Beach, Florida, st 7330 P, M1.9 larch 17t.19479 -in -special meeting with the . following <br />,;members of the Board presents W. go Graves, Jr.,,Choirmani Albert 0. Helseth, S. $. Cloves, <br />and Frank C. Vickers. ,Absents R. W. Graves. Also present were Charles A4._. Hitc1ae1I Attorney►; <br />+; Dougias Bakker, Clerk; . and J. L. Helpling. <br />fl <br />Chairman Graves"announced this meeting was held for -the -purpose of discussing action <br />dtaken by this Board on Larch 4, 19479 with regard to having a bull Introduced in the coming <br />i'Legislature which would provide for County Commissioners in Democratic primaries to be elected <br />�by County wide vote instead of by district balloting., <br />The following interested parties were present and opposed the proposed neer Legislation. <br />Koski . <br />C. B. Michael, C. R. Cox, ,- Gilbert AL. 'Sid#,#iPVJ_R. Qaztambide, 1,* -2 Tippin, and <br />'TV. fturmaye <br />Also present ati this meeting wa,s Honorable Alex MacWilliams:- Representative frac i <br />Indian River County. <br />After considerable -discussion by those present opposing th-ol,proposed Legislation$ it <br />was moved by Commissioner Vickers, seconded by Commissioner Glover and -unanimously carried to <br />resoind the former action of thin- Board as passed March 49 1947, with regard to the> -future <br />i <br />1 <br />n <br />i <br />1 <br />i <br />1 <br />1 <br />F. <br />