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r, <br />Lt <br />u <br />u <br />I Affidavit of Publication <br />j COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />STATE OF FLORIDA ss' <br />Personally before me, the undersigned, an officer <br />authorized under the laws of said State to administer <br />oaths, came J. J. Schumann, business manager of the <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal, a newspaper published in <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida, who, being <br />first duly sworn, says that the Vero Beach Press - <br />Journal is a newspaper which has been continuously <br />published at least once a week, and whichhas been <br />entered as second class mail matter, in Vero Beach, <br />Indian River County, Florida, for a period of more <br />than one year next preceding the first insertion of <br />this publication; that the advertisement a copy of <br />which is hereto attached, was published in the Vero <br />Beach Press -Journal <br />for ---------------------- consecutive weeks, as follows, <br />to -wit -, <br />- - ------ ------ — ----------�--------- <br />.-------------- --'TC*-'--" --------- -----_�__�----j_-----_j-----�_�_�_-_- <br />Business Manager <br />Sworn to <br />and subscribed before me, this <br />day of----- ---.gam <br />Off_---- ---�---r -- - ----------- <br />Clerk Circuit Court, <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />,,n <br />NOTICE INVITANGj; BIDS FOR HOUSE <br />Notice is here <br />�y ven tbt the Board <br />of, County Comm ssi niers of Indian River <br />County as ex ffie o Commissioners of <br />Quay Bridge D' iri4 will 'receive sealed <br />offers to be delidred to the Clerk of the <br />Circuit Court o Indian Diver County <br />At the County Co rtRonse i4 Vero Beach, <br />!(Florida to the h ur II�f 10 q'clock A. M. <br />November 4, 19471 as ,follows: <br />Offers to pure ase l the residence build - <br />Ing situated on"ropierty of- '',Quay Bridge <br />jDistrict and locat the easterly end of <br />the Winter Bea hIridgend on the <br />ha�is that such at uere shai be removed <br />from said property ithin 60 days; or, <br />To purchase sad luilding land -to lease <br />the ground space ' o eupied !by it for a <br />period of one yea 'r. <br />To Iease saidI on d and Ili building for <br />al period of one y0ar_ <br />All such offers :wil be opened pubicly, <br />read and consider d It a meq ting, of said <br />Board to be bel; i the Indian River <br />County Court Howe, ero Beach, Florida,;, <br />at the hour of 10 l o'clock A. M. November f <br />4, 1947. Said bo,rd�i reserves the 1. right <br />to reject any anirom <br />al�' bids and to waive <br />informalities in s. �urtheril information <br />may be obtainedthe Clerk of, the 1 <br />lCircuit Court of Indian River County. <br />BOARD OF COU I TNJ COMMISSIONERS <br />IOF INDIAN RIVER. COUNTY, FLORIDA, <br />BY: C Gravest; Jr. <br />(Chairn an Attest: Douglas BI kern <br />Secretary s {I <br />;Oct. 17 24, 1947 <br />u <br />Pubsuant to the foregoing Affidavit of Publication relating to "Notice Inviting <br />Bids for House" the following bids were received. <br />W <br />Gentlemen$ <br />Nov. 3rd 1947 <br />Vero Beach Flo. <br />I respectfully submit the following bid for the residence building located at the <br />eaft end of the winter beach bridge. $601.00 and for the land $7.00 dollars per year sub- <br />ject to revision by the board. <br />Respectfully, <br />Nathaniel V. Eve. <br />Nov. 3-47 <br />Vero Beach Fla. <br />Board of Co. Commissioners <br />of Indian River Co. <br />Gentlemen <br />Me wish to submit Bids on Dwelling and 1 year Lease at Quay Bridge at $10.00 per <br />month. <br />;I <br />i� <br />a <br />1005 Vero Beach <br />P. 0. Box 1293 <br />o - - - - - - - - m_ <br />Yours Truly <br />R. T. Jinks <br />Charlie Fortner <br />- M <br />Commissioner S. E. Glover introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption <br />as follows, to -wits <br />