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Ir <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the. Cert House in i <br />'Vero Beach, Flbrida, at lOs0 o'clock. A. M., Tuesday, August 3. 1948, In regt�l ar meeting with !I <br />the following members of theBoard presents W. C. Graves, Jr., Chairman;. /filbert O. Helseths <br />and <br />lo L. Helpling,/S, E. Glover. Absent.: Frank 0, Tickers. Also present were Marshall O. <br />i tchellt Attorney of the firm of Mitchell' Smith do Mitchell; B., R. Carter' County Road and <br />Bridge Superintendent, L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff; and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />r <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />On motion made by Commissioner Helpling, seconded by Commissioner Glover and unani• <br />mously carried, the Board authorized advertising to re -district voting precincts, bers ftToo <br />,� and four, and also to correct some mistake made in our boundaries in connection with t <br />1 in with the City limits of the City of Sebastian, said change to be made in January, 1950, as I <br />provided by law. <br />The Board instructed E. E. Canters Road and Bridge 0uperintendent' to place signs <br />•lion all County property most of 8lingsick's property on the north side of the north Gifford <br />Ijroad to prohibit the future hauling and/or removing of muck from the said County ` ' .,, <br />The Board appoiated the following to serve as members of the County Honing C ssisi <br />Mr. 'Everett G. Vickerst Sebastians Florida; Mr. J, S. Holmess Wabassos Florida; R. 1. Graves' 1, <br />Paul Goodridge and Dewey Reams., 'hero Beach, Flor.. <br />ida!' <br />4r 40 � W • - W r 4. <br />July 20, 1948 <br />ITho 'Bonorable Board of County Commissioners <br />Issdlan River 'County <br />'!Fero Soak Florida <br />Gentliuft <br />I hereby make application for retain commissions due me as Tax Assessor of Indian <br />River. bounty, for the year 1947 as shown by the Be &-r.- Report filed by Rae Ron. Troy to i. <br />;°Moody, Tax, Collector of said County on July 6, 1949*Homeg k, <br />I„e <br />County Tax Assessor. <br />and 2E Retain Less Errors,Bte, Commissions Dag <br />Extensions by Balance Due <br />Tax Collector. <br />County <br />lit. 550.50 i, 1.26 S <br />8.33 557.57 <br />• <br />Gen. School 390.91 .95 <br />6.90 3960'86 <br />iTotals <br />`941.41 $ 2.22 4 <br />t <br />.15:23 954.43 <br />T. Douglas Bakery Clerk of the -Circuit Court of the <br />above County do hereby certify s <br />'that no part of the above commissions shown above as "Balance <br />DgeP j have been paid by Rte <br />county <br />and the Tax Ass'dasor is entitled to same as set forth and sppftwed by the Board bf <br />110ounty <br />Commissioners under Date of AVG 3, 1948' and recorded in Minute Book No. 3 on vhge NO.namw ; <br />11of the <br />records of said County. <br />(SEAL) <br />QCT. CT. SEAL) <br />Clerk of CircuitCourt' <br />indlan giver County <br />The foregoing was approved by the ` Board. <br />There, being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried' the Board <br />adjourned until 10:004, M., Tuesday, August 10, 1948 <br />