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1 <br />TtMMAY, J=.,ARY 4th, 1927. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida; met at the <br />Court House in Vero Beaoh, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, January 4th, 1927 with the <br />following members of the Board presents John H. Atkin, Chairman; G. A. Braddock; <br />J.W.LaBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and O.O.Helseth. Also present were Miles warren, Clerk <br />and J.®.$night, Aheriff. <br />A re -organization of the Board being necessary at this meeting, it was moved, <br />seconded and unanimously carried that John H. Atkin, be made Chairman of the Board <br />fm the next twojc years, <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />It was moved;aeconded and carried . that the Beard employ James T. Vocelle; as <br />County Attorney for t be .9e ar 1927 at a salary of 050.00 per mouth. <br />It was moved, seconded and carried that the Board employ D. L. Leisher, as County <br />Engineer at a' salary 'of 4400.00 per month. It was also ordered that Mr.Leisher be <br />given full power and authority to employ a road superintendent ad others in road work, <br />in his department.. <br />It was ordered that William Frick be appointed Highway Traffic Officer for the <br />year 1927 at a salary of ,$150.00 per month. <br />The Deputy Sheriff Bond of T.H.Flowers, in the sum of 01,000.00 with T.R.Caden- <br />head and L.B.Osteen as sureties was approved. <br />The Bond of N.D.Hammon, in the sum of 0500.00 as Constable District #l, with <br />Eugene Hammon ark N.F.Perrine. as sureties was approved. <br />The Notary Public bond of Eileen Cullen Isbell, in the sum of 0500.00 with The <br />American Srety - Company, a corporation, as surety was approved. <br />Widow's Confederate, Pension of Mrs Annie Ruffner, widow of H.D. Ruffner was <br />approved. <br />It was ordered that,a, bridge be built over drainage ditch on King's Highway about <br />1-1/2 miles Routh of Oslo road. <br />It was ordered that Us Clerk write E I.Thompson regarding house on Indian River <br />the Board lead previously given him permission to use, the Board being of the opinion it <br />was County property at the tdae the permission was granted, and later have been advised <br />it was erected by private subscription of the local citizens of Winter Beach. <br />As provided. -by law at this meeting, the Board proceeded to select from the Regis- <br />tration book.9 of -the -County the names of not less than 290 and not/ more than 500 per - <br />zone to serve as, juvors. for the year 1927. The names so selectedbeing as follows, <br />to -wit: - <br />1. L.Ashburne r <br />2.Dempsey Cain <br />3. w.L.Braddock <br />4. R.G.Anderson <br />�. R.R.Fielde <br />6. R.G.Hardee <br />7. P.P.Lawson <br />8. T.R.Miller <br />9. B.L.Fga.0 <br />10.A.G.Roberts <br />ll,Henry Schuman <br />12.J.E.Tg7lor <br />13.W.W.Holtzclaw <br />14.A.Rw.ffner <br />15.M.M.Braddock <br />16 X.F.Banghmau <br />1®.G.T.Glasgow <br />18.I.R.Jmaes <br />19.R.B.Letchworth <br />20.8.A . Park <br />21.B. C. Ryall <br />22.D.J.Rea. <br />23.Chas T.Sembler. <br />24.Geo.F.Vickers <br />25 <br />Geo.F.Vickers <br />26. <br />N.D.Hammon <br />27. <br />J.D.Yongue <br />28. <br />Geo T Badger <br />294 <br />A� Foster <br />30. <br />T.B.Hicke <br />31. <br />Rodney Kroegel <br />32. <br />W A Martin <br />33. <br />R.B.Byall <br />34. <br />W.R.Ryall <br />35. <br />Albert Schuman <br />36. <br />H.M.Sallee <br />37. <br />F.C.Vickers <br />38. <br />N. L. Rea <br />39. <br />Chas L.Park <br />40. <br />J.R.Allen <br />41. <br />B. Arnold <br />42. <br />A.E.Anthozq <br />43. <br />R.H.Atkisson <br />44. <br />Cecil R. Arnold <br />45, <br />D.G.Albertson <br />46. <br />Roldnd . Arnold <br />47. <br />J.H.Baker <br />48. <br />J.S.Barke r <br />49. <br />d. G.Bartlett <br />50. <br />H.E-,Beesley <br />51. <br />G.W.Beatty <br />52. <br />J.D.Baker <br />53. <br />Frank_ Banker <br />1-64.'4 <br />H.Baumker <br />55. <br />A. C.Brown <br />56. <br />10m J Bell <br />57. <br />L.W.Barker <br />58. <br />N.F.Bein <br />59. <br />W C Burrman <br />60. <br />J.W.Bowaan <br />61. <br />L.B .Bu d2 <br />62. <br />Jams W.Ball <br />63. <br />J.H Crosby <br />64. <br />A.L.Crosby <br />65. <br />D.C.Cox <br />66. <br />H.D.Cockrell <br />67. <br />Alex M.Crawford <br />68. <br />J.Y Copeland <br />69. <br />H.B . Connelley <br />70. <br />Joseph D Cox <br />71. <br />Wiley F Cox <br />72. <br />T.C.Dubose. <br />