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Upon being duly seconded by Commissioner J. L. Helpling, the same was unanimously <br />ji <br />adopted, <br />�1 <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried, the Board then <br />!$d j ourned. <br />CHAIRMAN <br />�I <br />!ATTEST <br />V L <br />��—r—r-------------- r--r-r---------- r-----r-r--------r— ---------------r1sOlYr--i1®-rrr4®®®®-6'O-rY.O�• tll <br />TUEY ,QCTCBFA -.a 5. 1248. <br />�Y.`'..'3'JG....� ��... <br />i, <br />I <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House in <br />;Vero Beach, Florida, at 10300 o'cloc* A. M., Tuesday' October 5, 1948, in regular meeting <br />*ith the following members of the Board present: W. C. Graves, Jr., ChairmAn, Albert 0. <br />IHelseth, S. E. Glover; g. L. Helpling' and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were Charles A. <br />i <br />Mitchell, .Attorney; L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff; E. E. Carter' County Engineer; and Douglas Baker, <br />Clerk. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved., <br />a Mr. N. V. Eve appeared before the Board and requested permission to out enough <br />;pal metto trees for piling to replace dock near the east end of the Winter Beach bridge on <br />�: the south side of the road. On motion made by Commissioner Helpling seconded by Commissioner <br />I!Glover and carried, said request was granted. <br />M. A. Boudet, County Agent, submitted a report of his activities for the month of <br />September which was reviewed by the Board and ordered filed by the Clerk. <br />J. L. Power,, School Superintendent, appeared before the Board and requested six <br />heaters for the Gifford school. On motion made by Commission Glover, seconded by Commissioner <br />;;Helping and carried, this request was granted, and Douglas Baker, Clerk, was authorized to <br />sell the remaining heaters. <br />RT <br />— <br />�R L U T I Q I <br />The.following Resolution was introduced by Commissioner S. E. Glover who moved its <br />adoption as follows, to -wits <br />WHEREAS, This Board did, under date of .August 10, 19489 adopt Resolution providing <br />!for and authorizing the tax levy in Indian River County for the year 1948 and including the <br />itax levy for the County schools as certified to this Board by the County Board of Public <br />Instruction; and the County Board of. Public Instruction having 'delivered tothis Board a�second <br />Resolution affirming -and re -adopting the prevision Resolution of said Board of Public Instru- <br />ction with regard to the tax levy of said Board for the year 19489 and it beingappropriate to <br />re -affirm the tax levy made by this Board; therefore', <br />BE IT RESOLVED, that the Resolution providing for the tax levy in Indian River <br />?County for the year 1948 as adopted by this,Board on August 10, 19489 is herewith -affirmed <br />l <br />,ratified and re -adopted. <br />BE IT FURTHER .RESOLVED, that the Clerk to this Board deliver a certified copy of this <br />1! <br />Resolution to the County Tax Assessor. <br />Motion for the adoption of the Resolution was made by Commissioner J. L. Helpling <br />Viand unanimously adopted. <br />�r <br />Il <br />4 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />