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• <br />1 <br />11 <br />E <br />�I <br />E <br />1 <br />J <br />473 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House <br />i�in Vero Beach' Florida, at 10x04 o'clock A. M., Tuesday -t October 26s 1948, in regular adjourned <br />;,meeting with the following members of the Board presents W. C. Graves,, Jr., Chairman; <br />✓ ✓ ems- <br />,JAlbert 0. Helseth; J. L. Helpling,, S. E. Glover, and Frank C. Vickers* Also present were <br />r <br />;Sherman N. Smith,, Jr.,, Attorney of the Firm of Mitchell, Smith & Mitchell; E. E. Carter' <br />Road -and Bridge Superintendent; and Douglas Baker' Clerk* <br />O%T�'f IO N QF EATIiTti�, <br />Commissioner S. E. Glover introduced the following Resolution and moved its <br />adoption as follows, to-witm <br />Whereas,, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian diver County, in a session held <br />�i <br />on the 26 day of Oct*, 1948' have reviewed the tett of a Resolutionprepar4and adopt®d by the <br />Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Vero Beach and Indian River County' in which <br />resolution appear is made to the U. S. Army Engineers to meet an emergency situation in Vero <br />Beach by establishing a special project for the immediate construction of a new channel of <br />the Florida Inland Waterway under the plan previously approved by Congresss such special pro- <br />ject to be as extensive as may be necessary in order to enable the Florida State Road Depart- <br />ment to proceed -with the construction of a new bridge at Vero Beach$ <br />Therefore be it resolved��+»F that the.: -Board of � Countr C esioners_c.of _.Indian RlverliACounty <br />thereby endorses the resolutian presented by the Chamber of Comnerce',and supports -in full the <br />iappeal made therein to the U. S. Army Engineers* <br />Adopted this 26°day of Oct. 1948. <br />Attested bys <br />(Co. Comm. Seal) <br />. C. Graves s Ir. . <br />Chairman <br />Motion for the adoption of the Resolution was made by Commissioner Frank C. Vickers <br />land unanimously adopted, <br />�i <br />The Board approved admission of Ed Green to Florida School for Deaf and Blind* <br />11 <br />Application for transfer of beverage license No. 20 from Anthony Chuffo and Orlando <br />Capone to Ralph S. Norris , Paradise Inn (Series 2-C.O.P. inwet counties only) was approved* <br />It was ordered that Mrs. Marie Hatch' Vero Beach! Florida$ mceive grocery orders <br />in the sura of $12.00 per month. until the further orders of the Board• -,"!I <br />It was ordered Mrs. Elsie Stafford' Vero Beach, Florida, receive grocery orders in <br />I. <br />!'the sum of $12.00 per month until the further orders of the Board* <br />Troy E. Doody, Tax dollector' appeared before the Board and requested permission to <br />!;purchase a typewriter for the Tax Collector's office. Said request was granted. <br />11 <br />it <br />The County Assessor of Taxes' Homer C. Fletcher,, appeared before the Board and pre- <br />sented the tax rolls for the year 1948 on Real and Personal Property and also Intangible Tax <br />Roll, which were carefully examined and found correct and on motion made by -S. E. Glover, se - <br />•i <br />conded by Frank C. Vickers, and carried' were approvedg and the warrants to each of said rolls <br />!were annexed thereto and is in words and figures followings <br />THE STATE MF FLORIDA <br />!i To Troy No Moody, Tax Collector of the County of Indian Rivera <br />You are hereby commanded to collect out of the real estate and personal property,, <br />and from each of the persons and corporations named in the -annexed rolls, the taxes set down <br />l'in each roll opposite each name,, corporation or parcel of land therein described, and infts) <br />!taxes so imposed are not paid at the time prescribed by law,, you are to collect the same by <br />pevy and sale of the goods and chattels,, lands and tenements so assessed' or of the person or <br />Il <br />