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ucorporation so taxed; and all sums collected for the State taxes you are to pay to the State <br />jTreasurer at such time as may be required by law, and at tete sane time you are to the <br />11egally qualified Depository all sums collected for county taxes, district school taxes and � <br />Mother special taxes; and you are further required to make all collections on or before. the <br />first Monday in April; and on o1b0fore the. -first Monday in July you will, make a final -report <br />U and settlement with the Comptroller and County Commissioners. <br />Given ander my hand and seal this the 26th day of October, in the year,::A. D.;_I948• <br />er Gg-Fletebee <br />essor of TaxestIndian River <br />County. <br />THE.: SPATE OF FLORIDA <br />To Troy E. Moody, Tax Collector of.the.County of Indian Rivers <br />You are hereby commanded to collect out of the real_estate and pens 11 propertyp <br />from each of the persons and corporations named''in the annexed Intangible Personal Property <br />Assessments Roll' the taxes set down in each' roll opposite each name of person, firm or cor <br />J poration therein described' and in case .taxes so imposed are not paid atthe time= prsseribed <br />by laws you are to collect the same by levy and sale of goods and chattels, lands and tene- <br />ments to the person' firm or corporation so taxed; and all suss collected for the State <br />taxes you are to pay to theoSaate Treasurer at such time as may be required by law; and you are <br />further required to mare all collections on or before the first Monday in April;--and-,on or <br />before the first Monday in July,,:,7*u will. -make a final report to and settlement: with the :Comp- <br />troller and County Commissioners. <br />Given under my hand and seal this : 26th day of October' -in the year "A D,.. x948+, <br />e � e <br />Assessor of Axes,Indian River Coon y"• <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried, the -Board then <br />f'l adjourned. <br />e CHAIRMAN <br />ATTES s <br />/CLERK <br />�w rwQrw.Irrws�►wwwr—w war �rs..�wwwwww w�w�rwww®ten acw ss ww ww wwwwwws+s-+liwer®wa+r}w�wwy111w w�sC�w®�-wriwt-wa�.wmcs �w w�4 <br />94.. <br />1 <br />!� �®�I®es-.... <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House <br />i, <br />!,in Vero.Beach, Florida, at°1O:00 o'clock A. M•, Tuesday, November 2, 19489 in`regular meeting <br />with the following members of th_ vagd- presents W. , C. _ Graves' Jr. , _. Chaim; A.1b4krt _ Q, Helsethq <br />S. E. Glovers J. L• Helpling and Frank C. Vickers: Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, <br />Attorney, E. E. Carters Road and Bridge Superintendent; L. B. O'St,een, Sheriff9 and Douglas <br />Baker, Clerk. <br />Minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />,The Poll®wiaa 'mere appointed Deputy Sheriffs by L. B. ®'Steen' Sheriffs and Doug3w <br />Baker, Clerk,, announced that said appointments had been filed with him. <br />NAME PRECINCT NO. ADDRESS <br />St T. Joyce Vera Beach, Florida; <br />IJ Mayne Howard Vero Beachq Florida <br />C. W• Blanton 9 Vero Beach, Florida <br />DeputY Sheriff's bond for S. T. Joyce in the sum of ,000*00 with U. S. Fidelity <br />and Guaranty Company as surety was approved. <br />Deputy Sheriff's bond for Wayne Howard in the sum of $19x.00 with U, S. Fidelity <br />and Guarantor Company as surety was approved,. <br />a <br />0. <br />1 <br />I. <br />• <br />0 <br />