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1 <br />r, <br />LI <br />1 <br />109 <br />TIM—M)AY, FHBRUARY' lot, 1927. <br />The Board of County Commis si one rs in and for Indian River County, Florida, met <br />at. the Court House in Vero Beach, on Tuesday, February lot 1927 at 10 otclock A.M. <br />The following. members of the Board were present: John H. Atkin, Chairman; G.A.Braddock; <br />J-W.LeBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and 0. 0: Helseth. Also present were Miles Warren,Clerk, <br />and John Reith, Deputy :Sheriff. <br />The Minutes of the previous meeting were readx and approved. <br />The fire -arm bond of W.H.Donaldson, was rejected. <br />Deputy Sheriff bond of Allen Beugnot in the sum of $1,000.00 with R.J.Dunnam. <br />and S. C. Barnes, Waseap°pzdvadd <br />It was ordered that Mrs Allen Cain be paid the sum of $255.00 per month from the <br />Widow's Pension Fund, until her husband is released from jail sentence he is now <br />serving, which will expire May 28, 1927. <br />Commissioner J.T.LaBruce offered the following resolution: <br />WHEREAS, at a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida, held in December 1925 and also at a meeting held in December 1926, <br />the Farmers Bank & Trust Co., of hero Beach, Florida, was duly and regularly desig- <br />nated as County repository for the years 1926 and 1927, conditioned upon the said Bank <br />filing surety bond or depositing approved security with the Comptroller in the sum <br />of $60,000,00 for the year 1926 and 065,000.00 for the year 1927, <br />AND WHEREAS said Bank qualified under Certificate No. 511, dated April 16th 1926, <br />and <br />deposited with the <br />Comptroller bonds <br />and <br />time warrants in <br />the amount of <br />$65,000.00 <br />and <br />has also qualified <br />for the year 1927 <br />by <br />lodging with said <br />Comptroller a <br />like amount <br />of securities described as follows: <br />T.R.2221, Jacksonville Branch, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta <br />3--0500.00 4th L.L.Bonds.......................:.............:...1,500,00 <br />5 100.00 4th L.L.Bonds..........:..........:.:...::..........::. 500.00 <br />2-- 1000.00 4th L.L.Bonds........:.....♦.:.::.....,:-.....s.... 29000.00 <br />T.R.2222. 2 $500:00 2nd L.L.Bonds converted :.::::...:..:.... 19000.00 <br />5--$1000.00 2nd L.L.Bonds..................:..................... 5,000.00 <br />T.R.2221. 10- $500.00 4th L.L-Bonds ............................ 5,000.00 <br />X1 <br />T.R.2203 --20 000.00 Indian River County Time Warrants-. ..209000.00 <br />T.R.2202 --25 $1000,00 City of Vero Street Impt.Bond.s ...........259000.00 <br />T.R.3133 -- 3-$1000.00 Wabasso Special "School bonds... - ::: -.: 39000000 <br />T-8.3137 - 4th L.L.Bonds................:..........-.- ......--. 2.000000 <br />Total........::...65,000.00 <br />AIM WBEREAS said Bank suspended business and closed its doors on the 27th day of <br />January 1927, with certain funds to the credit of the County, to-vit: General Revenue <br />Fund; Fine & Forfeiture Fund; Road & Bridge Fund; Interest & Sinking Fund; Agricul- <br />tural Fund and Special R & B Dist. No. 4 (Bond Fund) and Special R & B District No.4 <br />(Interest and sinking fund). <br />THEREFORE be it resolved by the Board of County Commissioners in, regular session <br />that the Comptroller be authorized and directed to dispose of said Bonds and securities <br />and forward the proceeds thereof to this Board for proper credit to the various funds. <br />Upon beim put to a vote the foregoing resolution was unanimously adopted. <br />The Chairman and Clerk announced they had effected a sale of the securities of the <br />Bank of Sebastian, in the sum of $10,000.00 which rows held by the State Comptroller, at <br />a price of 0930.00 per `thousand and accrued interest on same. It rocas ordered that the <br />sale of same be approved by the Board. <br />It was ordered that the securities obtained by the Board from the Bank of Sebas- <br />tian, in the sum of <br />X15,360.00 be accepted by <br />the Board at which <br />was <br />held as <br />additional security <br />for the account of Special <br />Road & Bridge District <br />No. <br />1, ( Int.& <br />Sinking Fund). It was further ordered that collections be made on these securities at <br />the rate of approximately 2C% each year; or better. <br />The Clerk and Chairman were <br />