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ATTACHMENT 2 <br />SECTION 00942 - Change Order Form <br />o7/(21/.:2015 <br />8 e- <br />,2015-1ac <br />No. 3 <br />DATE OF ISSUANCE: June 24, 2015 <br />EFFECTIVE DATE: July 7, 2015 <br />OWNER: Indian River County <br />CONTRACTOR Guettler Brothers Construction, LLC. <br />Project: Indian River County Sector 3 Dune Repair Proiect <br />OWNER's Project No. 0928 - A <br />ENGINEER's Bid No. 2014037 <br />You are directed to make the following changes in the Contract Documents: <br />Description: <br />Increase overall contract amount to account for, additional beach profile surveys, field directive <br />#4, and the increased Contractor bond premium as a result of contract change orders 2 and 3. <br />Reason for Change Order: <br />Additional beach profile surveys were needed to document beach erosion to the project fill <br />template as a result from December 2014 and January 2015 Nor'easters. Minor regarding of <br />the placed fill was performed to reduce the potential for escarpment formation per Field Order <br />#4. Change Order No. 3 also accounts for Contractor bond premium increases. <br />Attachments: (List documents supporting change) <br />E-mail dated May 28, 2015 from Ben Guettler Guettler Brothers Construction, LLC.) requesting <br />a Change Order to accommodate the additional surveys and bond premium. <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT PRICE: <br />Description <br />Amount <br />Original Contract Price <br />$3,076,920 <br />Net change from previous Change <br />Orders No. n/a to n/a: <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Net Increase (Decrease) from <br />previous Change Orders No. 2 <br />$303,072 <br />(days or dates) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />(days or dates) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />Contract Price prior to this <br />Change Order: <br />$3,379.992 <br />(days or dates) <br />DIA <br />n/a <br />Net increase (decrease) of this <br />Change Order: <br />$12.271.03 <br />Contract Price with all approved <br />Change Orders: <br />$3,392.263.03 <br />ACCEPTED: <br />COVTRKAR (Signature) <br />wicloc <br />Date: &Z///s' <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT TIMES <br />Description <br />Time <br />Original Contract Time: <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />(days or dates) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />Net change from previous Change <br />Orders No. n/a to n/a: <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />(days) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />Contract Time prior to this Change <br />Order: <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />(days or dates) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />(days or dates) <br />n/a <br />n/a <br />Net increase (decrease) this <br />Change Order: <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Contract Time with all approved <br />Change Orders: <br />Substantial Completion <br />Final Completion: <br />(days or dates) <br />DIA <br />n/a <br />RECOMMENDED: <br />ENGINEER (Signat/ <br />APPROVED. <br />B <br />OWNER (Signature <br />Wesley S Davis, <br />Date: P7/07/2015' <br />00942 - Change Order Form — Change Order', 3 -- Additional Survey & bond premium 6-24-15 =fir% <br />00942 - 1 <br />P 101JOBS102 Achve JobaURC Dune RepanChange OrdereU00942 • Change Order Form - Change Order No 3 - Add,honal Survey & bond premum 6.24.15 docs Riv 4(01 <br />