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The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing receipts and disburse- <br />meis of the various funds whichhaving h i been audited were found to be correct. <br />n <br />There being no further business on motion made' seconded and carried, the Board <br />j then adjourned until 1Os30 A. M., Saturday, June 119 1949. <br />AIRMAN PRO -TEM <br />ATS <br />7p=v sircwJ G� <br />ii f CLERK <br />----- ------------------ air—s----w---r----------- ----mss-- err-----------------------ass------s;u. <br />URDAYs J-M-,llg <br />j' The Board of County Commissioners met in regular adjourned meeting held Saturday, <br />I <br />June 11, 1949, at 10:30 A. M.9 with the following members presents J. L. Helpling, Chairman <br />a <br />Pro -Tem; H. C. Watts, and Aubrey L. Waddell* Absent: Tom N. Stewart and W. C. Graves, Jr., <br />a <br />Chairman. Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney, Douglas Baker, Clerk; B. E. <br />Carter, Road and Bridge Superintendent; and Jack Jennings. Also in attendance representing <br />the Board of Public Instraetion were Superintendent J. A. Thompson, Mrs. S. B. Taylor, Sam <br />�i <br />Smith and Mayor Medlin. Representing City of Vero Beach were Mayor M. P. Barber, Charles <br />A. Pinson, H. H. Gifford, and Charles A. Jewett. <br />I <br />This meeting was held for theburpose of and with, regard to the construction <br />building and repairing of roads pertaining to thelaew athlbbtld field, and after the roads <br />i <br />in question were designated on a map by Mr...Jack Jennings, it was thereupon agreed by the <br />6'. <br />Board of County Commissioners that they Would assume the responsibility of fixing culvert <br />and widening the road on 17th Avenue from the northeast corner of the jail property going <br />a" <br />south to the athletic field. <br />representing the ;City of Vero Beach <br />The mayor together with the street and sidewalk committees /stated that they would <br />recommend to the City Council and felt sure their recommendation would be approved, whereupon <br />the City would assume the responsibility of constructing or repairing the road on the east <br />side of the athletic field. <br />No action was taken as to the constructing and repairing of the road which would <br />two <br />run east and west and connect up with the -,oWl% roads heretofore mentioned as the Board <br />I�� of County <br />Commissioners agreed that this would be a future project which would require futther' <br />consideration in the matter. <br />It was ordered that a check be issued to the Indian River County Chapter Red Cross <br />in the sum of $50.00 from the General Revenue Fund towards the cost of attendance at <br />acquatic school in connection with Youth Inc® swimming project. <br />Notary Public Bond for Troy E. Moody in the sum of $500.00 with bass. Bonding <br />Insurance Company as surety was approved June 71 1949, by Dou@las Baker, Clerk Circuit Gourt <br />as provided by law. <br />qi There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carred the Board <br />then adjourned. <br />CHAIRMAN <br />ATTESTS <br />i, <br />l <br />i. <br />9 <br />