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0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />u <br />1 <br />0 <br />D <br />0 <br />523 <br />'3=I My. 5 1949. <br />. rte■ .�. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River CouAtr met in the office of the <br />I <br />(Clerk of the Circuit Court at Vero Beach in the County of Indian RIVer, on this the 5th day <br />of Julys 19499 at 10'sOO o'clock A. Mel in special session as equals ation Board and also in <br />regular session -with the following members presents W. C. Gra*est Jr*j, Chairman;,Tom N. <br />Stewart' Aubrey L. Waddell, and H. C. Watts. Absents J. LL. Helplisag. Also present...wel <br />Charles A. Mitcheliq Attorney; B. B. Carter' Road and Bridge Superintendent; L. B. O'Steen, <br />Sheriff; and Douglas Baker' Clerk. <br />Affidavit of Publication a NOTICE <br />WHEREAS, the; Laws "of Florida, pro - <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER' % vide that the county Assessor, bf, Taxes <br />j ss. shall complete the assessment rolls Ott <br />STATE OF FLORIDA ) the County on or before the firstMon. <br />day in. July, : on 'which day the Assess- <br />or shall meet', with the, Board of . Coun- <br />Personally before me, the undersigned, an officer ty Commissioners at the Cle* office <br />authorized under the law's of said State to administer for the purpose 'pf i0arin$ co�iplaint ,! <br />oaths, came J. J. Schumann, business manager of the and ,receiving- testin►64y. . with i respect i <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal, a newspaper published in to such : assessment roes unless the <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida, who, being I Gime therefor Bunn be extended <br />11�oard of County, Commissioners; ; the, <br />. .and <br />first duly sworn, says that the Vero Beach Press- the Board of county commissioners of <br />Journal is a newspaper which has been continuously radian River County, by Resolutioxi <br />published at least once a week, and which has been duly adoptee: June 7, 1949, .haring ex - <br />entered as second class mail matter, in Vero Beach, tended such time ao and iriciuiling July <br />Indian River Count Florida for period of more s, 1otic now, <br />y� p Notice is hereby given°that the coup - <br />than one year next preceding the first insertion of ty Assessor of. Taxes; of; Indian River <br />this publication; that the advertisement a copy of— <br />which is hereto attached; was published in the Vero County, norlda, will meet t�$�8 the <br />Beach Press -Journal Board of counts Co tussio e cf he <br />dian Aiver County,' Florida, in <br />office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court <br />of radian River C6unty, . 1l rida, in <br />for ----------__ 3 -_---_---.consecutive• weeks, as follows, the Indian River County Couhouse at <br />to -wit: 'stern Beach; Florida, at ,`the hour ,of <br />10.06 o'clock ,A. k TI July 1, <br />1949 for :the purpose of hearino. com-� <br />_ plaints and receiving testimopy as to <br />--------------------• the value of any,property, real or per-, <br />sonal, as Sited by fhb Countyssessor <br />e of per- <br />-------- -- - -------------- - ------------- <br />V/.. pE � Taxes•:. arid., for the. puTPos <br />I --- fatting, xeviewing and equall g the <br />Asge8sment as fixed by the County As' <br />�Ilsr of Taxes of Indian on ttie Tax Assessment <br />------------------------------- ----------- - <br />year 190 t ons apl ebe or tax <br />-------- ---o <br /> <br />d Board of; County. Commis0i id submitted to ! <br />---- - - - - - ------ ---- -- L <br />Business -Manager the time and, place ;'afgresa}4• � <br />WITNESS itiy hand as Clerk_, and <br />the Seal'of said'Board at Vero Beach, <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me, this - Floridathis. lith daY of `?tee. 1 <br />949. <br />DOUGLAS 0AKE,It, <br />day of ----------------X94•-- _ clerk '04 the, circuit Court <br />-- - - - : - and eX officio' Cl4rk for the <br />Board of County t�ommiss= <br />of Indian Izfver loners++ <br />county. Florida. i1 <br />June 17 24, July 1. <br />-----dam- <br />--- --------------------------- <br />Clerk Circuit Court, <br />River County, Florida <br />Indian y� <br />� I <br />5 <br />x <br />The Comity Tax Assessor -filed- with' the Clerk._ta,,_ the ,Board, and,: there was presented <br />to the Board at'this meeting ,the applications for the tax exemptions set out its the, -:Resolu- <br />tion next following herein' together with original notice of disapproval of said applications <br />with entry of service upon the respective applicants' and:same were duly reviewed by _the <br />Board together with evidence,°, presented o to the Tax-Assessor`,upon which the respeetlywa <br />oplicahts <br />based their claims for exemption. No applicants appeared in person or by agent. Thereupon <br />Commissioner Stewart Introduced the following Resolution and moved its adoptions to wits <br />original notice of disapproval of application for tax exemptions with <br />entry of service upon the respective applicants therefore as hereinafter listedl have been <br />filed with the Clerk of this Board as follows: <br />