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7 lit --/5 <br />S.G. <br />ADDENDUM TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE AGREEMENT (THE "BASE FORM") BY AND BETWEEN UNIFIRST <br />CORPORATION, A FLORIDA CORPORATION, ("UniFirst") AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, A POLITICAL <br />SUBDIVISION OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA (THE "Customer") <br />THIS ADDENDUM is executed as of the 14th day of July 2015, and is made part of the Customer <br />Service Agreement (the Base Form and this Addendum are collectively referred to as the "Agreement") <br />to which it is attached. <br />ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />General. Customer is a member of the National Joint Powers Alliance ("NJPA"). Customer enters into this <br />Agreement to obtain the services described in NJPA's Request for Proposal #012111, to include all <br />attachments, addenda and UniFirst's response thereto (collectively, the "RFP"), which are, collectively, by <br />this reference made a part of this Agreement. The additional Agreement terms and conditions stated in <br />this Addendum are added pursuant to Section 8.3 of the RFP. <br />The second sentence of Requirements Supplied shall be stricken and replaced as follows: Additional <br />Merchandise requested by Customer, in writing, or requested verbally and confirmed in writing, will also <br />be covered by this Agreement. <br />The following sentence shall be added to the end of Requirements Supplied: The Customer may order, <br />rent, lease, purchase, obtain, or otherwise acquire Merchandise from any other source or supplier. <br />The first sentence, second paragraph under Performance Guarantee shall be stricken and replaced to <br />read: During the initial term or any renewal term of the Agreement, Customer's right to terminate the <br />Agreement for UniFirst's deficient service and/or quality of merchandise shall be conditioned upon the <br />following: <br />The second sentence of Term and Renewal shall be stricken and replaced as follows: This Agreement may <br />be renewed for up to five additional 12 month periods upon written notice by the Customer and written <br />acceptance by UniFirst made at least 90 days prior to the expiration date of the initial term or the renewal <br />term, whichever is applicable. <br />The second and third paragraphs of Prices and Payments shall be stricken and replaced as follows: All <br />payments shall be made to UniFirst by the Customer in accordance with the Local Government Prompt <br />Payment Act, Section 218.70, Florida Statutes, et seq. <br />DEFE Charge shall be stricken in its entirety. <br />The last sentence of the second Merchandise paragraph is deleted in its entirety ("Customer agrees to <br />indemnify..."). <br />The second sentence of the third Merchandise paragraph is deleted in its entirety ("UniFirst assumes no <br />liability..."). <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />