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L <br />L <br />Zarzycki had to say and also what Mr. Nolte had to say, and they have the right to make a <br />decision, one way or the other. He advised Mr. Nolte that he could make the same request as <br />Mrs. Zarzycki, or appeal in circuit court. He also explained the rules of evidence under the VAB <br />process. <br />Chairman Wheeler asked Mrs Zarzycki to continue. <br />Mrs. Zarzycki argued that her property was erroneously assessed. She gave her analysis <br />of the four properties presented in the Property Appraiser's evidence at her hearing, and after <br />breaking it down to what the County charges per house and per acre, she said that she was being <br />unjustly charged. <br />Discussion ensued and the Board asked questions of the Property Appraiser to obtain a <br />better understanding of the appraisal process. <br />Chairman Wheeler wanted to make certain that the evidence they were looking at had <br />been presented to the Special Magistrate. Mrs. Zryzycki responded that it was presented at the <br />hearing, but it was the first time that she saw it, and she explained that she did not have enough <br />time to absorb it in its entirety during the hearing. She continued her argument that she could not <br />understand how the values are inconsistent. <br />Mr. Nolte wanted it noted for the record that when he asked Mrs. Zarzycki what she <br />estimated the value of her property to be, she said she did not know. <br />Discussion ensued among the Commissioners regarding this situation. <br />Chairman Wheeler felt he did not have enough information to make a decision and he <br />gave the Board two choices: they could uphold this recommendation and Mrs. Zarzycki could <br />take it to Circuit Court, or they could call another meeting on another day. <br />ON MOTION by Board Member O'Bryan, <br />SECONDED by Board Member Davis, by a 4-0 vote <br />(Board Member Karen Disney-Brombach absent), the <br />Board accepted the recommendations of the Special <br />Magistrate for the 2006 Value Adjustment Board <br />hearings, with the exception of the Zarzycki parcel <br />which would come back to the Board for further <br />review. <br />5. Public Input <br />None. <br />2006 Continuation of Final VAB Meeting <br />March 6, 2007 2 <br />