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L <br />JEFFREY R. SMITH <br />Clerk to the Board <br />1801 276 Street, Bldg. A <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3394 <br />Telephone: (772) 226-1432 <br />, or 226-1916 <br />Fax: (772) 978-1857 <br />E-mail: <br />Web address: <br />VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD <br />FINAL MEETING MINUTES OF JANUARY 9, 2013 <br />The Value Adjustment Board (VAB) of Indian River County, Florida, met on <br />Wednesday, January 9, 2013, in the County Administration Building, 1801 27th Street, Building <br />"A", Room A-102, Vero Beach, Florida. Present were Vice Chairman Wesley S. Davis, <br />Commissioner Peter O'Bryan, School Board Member Carol Johnson, and Citizen Member <br />Duane Weise, VAB Attorney David Hancock, and VAB Board Clerk Maria I. Suesz. Citizen <br />Member Rose Spytek arrived late. <br />Also present from the Property Appraiser's Office was Property Appraiser David Nolte, <br />Supervisors Bruce Goodwyn and Janine Hicks, Office Manager Helen "Sissy" Long, and <br />Assessment Control Clerk Breezy Neuberger. Present from the public was Petitioner Peter <br />Lyons. <br />1. CALL TO ORDER <br />Vice Chairman Davis called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. <br />2. INVOCATION — Carol Johnson <br />School Board Member Carol Johnson delivered the Invocation. <br />1 <br />