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cash deposit (referenced above) and held in escrow with County, transferred to <br />Assignee, to the extent they are transferable, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, County acknowledges that: <br />1. The above recitals are true and accurate. <br />2. The obligations under the Road Maintenance Agreement for Ranch <br />Road Lake Sand Mine is assumed by Assignee in accordance with that certain <br />Notice of Transfer and Assumption of Site Plan Approvals and Obligations on file <br />with County. <br />3. The cash being held in escrow under the terms of the Road <br />Maintenance Agreement for Ranch Road Lake Sand Mine is earmarked for the <br />benefit of Assignee and shall be returned to Assignee upon completion and <br />restoration of the project if Assignee performs in all respects the obligations of <br />permitted conditions and Section 934.11 of the Indian River County Code, <br />absent any assignment, bankruptcy or court order. <br />4. The terms and conditions of the Road Maintenance Agreement for <br />Ranch Road Lake Sand Mine remain unchanged in all other rgsp cts. <br />By: (i--l---C <br />DA D A. O NE, CHAPTER 7 <br />TRUSTEE FOR THE BANKRUPTCY <br />ESTATE OF RANCH ROAD LAKE, <br />L.L.C., a Florida limited liability <br />company <br />Assignor <br />BAYTREE VENTURES, LLC, a Florida <br />limited liability company <br />Assignee. <br />By: BLUE GOOSE CONSTRUCTION LLC, <br />a Flo •. limit liability <br />By: <br />By: <br />Richard M. Carnell, Jr., Manager <br />