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525-010-32 <br />SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATES <br />01115 <br />SUPPLEMENTAL NO. <br />1 <br />DUNS NO. <br />80-939-7102 <br />STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM <br />SUPPLEMENTAL <br />AGREEMENT <br />FPN <br />423186-2-58/68-01 <br />CONTRACT NO. <br />ARL -29 <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />The Indian River County desires to supplement the <br />original Agreement entered into and executed on September 8. 2014 as identified above. All provisions in the original <br />Agreement and supplements, if any, remain in effect except as expressly modified by this supplement. <br />The changes to the Agreement and supplements, if any, are described as follows: <br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br />Name Old Dixie Highway <br />Termini From 38th Lane to 45th Street <br />Length 0.855 Miles <br />Description of Work: <br />Construction of sidewalk along Old Dixie Highway from 38th Lane to 45th Street <br />Reason for Supplemental Agreement and supporting engineering and/or cost analysis: <br />The terms of the original Agreement referenced above, are hereby amended as follows. See Exhibit "B" attached hereto and made a <br />part hereof which replaces Exhibit "B" attached to the original Agreement. <br />Total Original Agreement Amount (Phase 58 & 68) $171,517.00 <br />Original Amount of Construction (Phase 58) $153,140.00 <br />Participating Amount of Construction (Phase 58) <br />Participating Amount of Work Orders (Phase 58) <br />WO#1 $3,550.00 <br />WO#2 $3,767.00 <br />WO#4 $1,279.00 <br />$113,451.00 <br />$8,596.00 <br />Total Participating Amount of Construction (Phase 58)$122,047.00 <br />Therefore, total decrease to Construction (Phase 58) $31,093.00 <br />Original Amount of CEI (Phase 68) $18,377.00 <br />Total Participating Amount of CEI (Phase 68) $12,694.00 <br />Therefore, total decrease to CEI (Phase 68) $5,683.00 <br />Total Project Cost $134,741.00 <br />