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DATE: g � g <br />ITEM NO: <br />/ <br />Certification for Regulatory Reform Implemen aTinn NO: A0/5JS <br />State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program <br />On Behalf of Indian River County (Local Government), I hereby certify <br />that the following information is true and accurate as of the date of this submission for the following fiscal <br />years: 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2014-15 (list all three fiscal years): <br />1. Permits as defined in s.163.3164 (15) and (16) for affordable housing projects are expedited <br />to a greater degree than other projects; and <br />2. There is an ongoing process for review of local policies, ordinances, regulations, and <br />plan provisions that increase the cost of housing prior to their adoption <br />3. The cumulative cost per newly constructed housing per housing unit, from these actions is estimated <br />to be $ 00 <br />4. The cumulative cost per rehabilitated housing per housing unit, from these actions is estimated <br />to be $ 00 <br />�� • --- 8/18/15 <br />Witness Si_ a ure Date Chief Elected Of tcial or Designee Signature ate <br />Misty L. Pursel <br />Witness Printed Name <br />vu .°"AllitrA-8/18/15 <br />Witness Signature Date <br />Christ i no M _ Cournoyer <br />Witness Printed Name <br />Or <br />Wesley S. Davis, BCC Chairman P/1 F1/15 <br />Chief Elected Official or Designee Printed Date <br />ATTEST (Seal) <br />163.3164 (15) of the Florida Statutes: "Development order" means any order granting, denying, or granting with <br />conditions an application for a development permit. <br />163.3164(16) of the Florida Statutes: "Development permit" includes any building permit, zoning permit, subdivision <br />approval, rezoning, certification, special exception, variance, or any other official action of local government having the <br />effect of permitting the development of land. <br />October 2012 <br />F:\Community Development\SHIP\Annual Reports\2015 AR\2015 Certification Regulatory Reform.docx <br />APPROVED AS TO F(A.;, <br />A L <br />WiLLi.4M K. DEBRAAL <br />DEPUTY COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />