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Work Order No. 1 <br />Dunkelberger Engineering & Testing, Inc. <br />IRC Project No. 1205 <br />A Not -to -Exceed Amount of: $17,490.00 to be paid on a unit price or hourly rate basis for actual work <br />performed in accordance with the schedule of services and fees set forth in Exhibit A of the ANNUAL <br />GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES CONTRACT, RFQ 2014007 WITH DUNKELBERGER ENGINEERING & TESTING, <br />INC. Effective Date: October 1, 2014. <br />TIME FOR COMPLETION <br />This Work Order No.1 shall run concurrently with the construction work for the 87th Street and 915t <br />Avenue Sidewalk Improvements, Indian River County Project No. 1205. <br />IN WITNESS HEREOF the parties hereto have executed these presents <br />This 18th day of August , 2015. <br />OWNER <br />BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA",f'••... <br />1(71 <br />Wesley S. Davis, C airman '—' % ` t•• <br />• <br />Approved by BCC nnnnGt 18 . '5121 •INDIAN�:��r; <br />Witnessed by: <br />DUNKELBERGER ENGINEERING & TESTING, <br />INC. <br />-Youngstrom, 0 <br />ATTEST: <br />Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Court and <br />Comptroller <br />Deput• erk <br />Approved as to Form and Legal <br />Sufficiency: <br />seph A. aird, County Administrator <br />ce an <br />er <br />F:\Public Works\ENGINEERING DIVISION PROJECTS \1205 -Vero Lake Estates Swk-87th St_I01 st Ave to CR510 (LAP)\Admim\agenda items\Dunkelberger Work Order No. <br />l.doc <br />