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w <br /> 00 <br /> 03S S 0'24'47 w— <br /> N(r 68.24 P.O.B.1 ^I <br /> PARCEL 107A 7" i _ s a24'47" w _I 3 c N SCALE: 1"=100• <br /> 4911-76---- <br /> 168.24' Z N 00'24'47" E I N h <br /> Tract I.i/IC to Deed Line of b, tl <br /> KING'S HIGHWAY Z <br /> Section Line�T <br /> E 1/4 Cor. Sec. 17 <br /> (TI LEGAL DESCRIPTION T33S, R39E <br /> The West 25 feet of the East 105 feet of the South 168.24 feet of the North 660 feet of the Northeast 1/4 of <br /> the Southeast 1/4 of Section 17, Township 33 South, Range 39 East, according to the lost general plot of the lands <br /> of the Indian River Forms Company recorded in Plat Book 2, Page 25 of the Public Records of St. Lucie County, Florida <br /> rn further described as follows: <br /> W Commence at the East 1/4 corner of Section 17 and run N 89'21'28' W a distance of 105 feet to a point. Then run <br /> S 00'24'47" W a distance of 491.76 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING. Then <br /> --� Continue S 00'24'47' W a distance of 168.24 feet to o point. Then run <br /> S 89'21'28" E a distance of 25 feet to a point. Then run <br /> N 00'24'47' E a distance of 168.24 feet to a point. Then run 3 <br /> N 89'21'28" W a distance of 25 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING. <br /> DContaining 4,206 square feet, lying in Indian River County, Florida. a <br /> CERTIFICATION <br /> I, Charles A. Cramer, hereby certify that I am a registered Professional Land Surveyor licensed to practice in the state <br /> of Florida, that this sketch was made under my immediate supervision, and that it is accurate and correct. I further <br /> certify that this sketch meets the Minimum Technical standards as described in Chapter 21 HH-6 of the Florida Admin— o <br /> istrative Code, pursuant to F.S. Chapter 472. PREPARED FOR INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> � ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT <br /> Charles A. Cramer, P.L.S. Reg. #4094 1840 25th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960 THIS IS NOT A SURVEY <br /> Indian River County Surveyor (407) 567-8000 SKETCH TO ACCOMPANY LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />