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E. CONTRACTOR does not consider that any further examinations, investigations, explorations, tests, <br />studies, or data are necessary for the performance of the Work at the Contract Price, within the <br />Contract Times, and in accordance with the other terms and conditions of the Contract Documents. <br />F CONTRACTOR is aware of the general nature of work to be performed by OWNER and others at the <br />Site that relates to the Work as indicated in the Contract Documents. <br />G. CONTRACTOR has correlated the information known to CONTRACTOR, information and <br />observations obtained from visits to the Site, reports and drawings identified in the Contract <br />Documents, and all additional examinations, investigations, explorations, tests, studies, and data <br />with the Contract Documents. <br />H. CONTRACTOR has given OWNER written notice of all conflicts, errors, ambiguities, or discrepancies <br />that CONTRACTOR has discovered in the Contract Documents, and the written resolution thereof <br />by OWNER is acceptable to CONTRACTOR. <br />I. The Contract Documents are generally sufficient to indicate and convey understanding of all terms <br />and conditions for performance and furnishing of the Work. <br />ARTICLE 8 - CONTRACT DOCUMENTS <br />8.01 Contents <br />A. The Contract Documents consist of the following: <br />1. This Agreement (pages 1 to 6 inclusive); <br />2. Public Construction Bond (pages 21 to 23 , inclusive); <br />3. Certificate(s) of Insurance <br />4. Addenda (numbers 1 to 1 inclusive); <br />5. CONTRACTOR'S Bid Form (pages 10 to 11 of 25, inclusive); <br />6. Bid Bond (pages 1 to 2 inclusive); <br />7. Affidavit of Compliance (page 12 of 25); <br />8. Sworn Statement Under Section 105.08, Indian River County Code, on Disclosure of <br />Relationships (pages 13 to 14 of 25, inclusive); <br />9. The following which may be delivered or issued on or after the Effective Date of the Agreement <br />and are not attached hereto: <br />a) Written Amendments; <br />b) Change Order(s). <br />Page 3 of 6 <br />