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A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />Re: Cell Site #: 7248; Cell Site Name: IR002NERO BEACH (FL) <br />Fixed Asset No: 10080597 <br />5. Except as specifically set forth herein, the terms and provisions of the Lease shall remain <br />unmodified and shall continue in full force and effect. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this First Amendment to Lease Agreement to provide for co -location <br />is approved and executed by the authorized representative of the parties effective as of the day and year <br />first above written. <br />NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS PCS, LLC <br />BY: AT&T MOBILITY CORPORATION, <br />ITS: MANAGER <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />BY: BY: <br />(printed name) Neil Boyer <br />(title) Director - Network <br />Attest: Je ley R. Smith, Clerk of Court <br />And Comptroller <br />...4111V <br />B <br />eputy Clerk <br />Approved: <br />• C2gaM4 <br />Jose'h A. Baird <br />County Administrator <br />Approved as to form and legal sufficiency <br />Deputy County Attorney <br />Wesley S. Davis, Chairman <br />• <br />Date BCC Approved: September 15 45 <br />••••11.;.;irVi <br />