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.,� <br />4111111::"5"3ee Vi <br />Jl� dvlse°3e: Y ��SJ:I �:htr, <br />��G✓1�1\�7i�1\Z/�L-�1r\ �y <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />CLASS "E" <br />CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY <br />WHEREAS, the Abilities Resource Center (ARC) now known as SUN UP/ARC of Indian River County has <br />requested authorization to provide Non -Emergency Transportation Services that originate within Indian River <br />County; and <br />WHEREAS, the above named service affirms that it will maintain compliance with the requirements of the Indi- <br />an River County Code of Ordinances (Chapter 304, Life Support and Wheelchair Services.) <br />��' .g <br />7 <br />.,; <br />% ea"; <br />• <br />11 0 <br />lit <br />4 <br />Ai <br />Mg <br />*04 <br />4041 <br />" :4142\rii <br />*010/1:i <br />THEREFORE, the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners hereby issue a Class "E" <br />Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to said Company to provide <br />Wheelchair Transportation Services. <br />Certificate Type: CLASS E <br />Date of Expiration. October 5, 2017 <br />(Unless certificate is sooner revoked or suspended.) <br />Date Issued: September 15, 2015 <br />Limitations: Wheelchair Transportation Services Only <br />