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Kimley»>Horn <br />RFQ # 2013044 — Continuing Environmental and Biological Support <br />Services for Civil and Environmental Engineering Projects <br />IRC Project No. 1334 <br />SCHEULE OF HOURLY BILLING RATES <br />Effective October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2017, the following rates <br />are utilized in calculating invoices for services: <br />Senior Professional <br />$160.00 <br />Registered Professional <br />$125.00 <br />Professional 2 <br />$105.00 <br />Professional 1 <br />$95.00 <br />Designer <br />$120.00 <br />Senior Support Staff <br />$75.00 <br />Support Staff <br />$45.00 <br />Reimbursable expenses will be billed at 4% of labor. Direct expenses <br />(laboratory, Phase II well drilling etc.) will be in addition to the labor and <br />reimbursable expenses. Permit application fees will be paid by the County. <br />By: <br />Bri <br />Sr. Vic <br />, P.E. <br />resident <br />