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and man made features within and 10' outside of right of way, including but not limited to, roads, <br />swales, driveways, culverts, signage and mailboxes, visible utilities, fences etc. within and 10' outside <br />the existing Right of Way. Field locate and identify limits of vegetation and trees, 4" or larger within <br />and 10 feet outside the right of way limits. <br />Surveyor 4 hours @ $ 120.00 /hr $ 480.00 <br />Field Supervisor 10 hours @ $ 90.00 /hr $ 900.00 <br />Survey Crew 80 hours @ $ 115.00 /hr $ 9,200.00 <br />Total II $ 10,580.00 <br />III. Process field data and determine limits of existing Eagles Circle and Waterviliet Avenue Rights of <br />Way. Prepare survey drawing in accordance with Minimum Technical Standards including cover sheet <br />with location sketch, certifications, related title and project number, notes, legend, abbreviations and <br />plan view sheets. Prepare final deliverables. <br />Surveyor 10 hours @ $ 120.00 /hr $1,200.00 <br />Survey Technician 80 hours @ $ 75.00/hr $6,000.00 <br />Administrative 4 hours @ $ 40.00/hr $. 160.00 <br />Total III $7,360.00 <br />TOTAL I — Ill $22,870.00 Lump Sum Fee <br />I, the undersigned, agree to all the terms of this Agreement. <br />05/01/2015 <br />David Taylor, President Date <br />Masteller, Moler, Reed & Taylor, Inc. <br />