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LA <br />13.9 <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA, in regular meeting assembled this 6th day of Feb., 1951, that the State <br />Road Department of Florida be, and hereby is, requested to include in its 1951 budget the <br />construction of the road known as the 4-H Club Road in Highlands County, Florida. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a signed copy hereof be sent to the State Road Depart - <br />meat, Tallahassee, Florida, Attention Chairman Alfred McKethan, without delay. <br />PASSED AND ADOPTED at Vero Beach, Florida, the date and year last above mentioned. <br />(CO. COMMR'S SEAL) <br />ATTESTA b <br />Jerk to said board. <br />adopted. <br />_om N. Stewart <br />Chairman of the Board of County <br />Commissioners, Indian River County, <br />Florida <br />The foregoing Resolution was duly seconded by Commissioner Waddell and unanimously <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - 9 - - <br />Commissioner Graves together with E. E. Carter, Road and Bridge Superintendent, were <br />appointed as a committee to meet with the sanitation board of the County Health Unit and <br />Mosquito Control District regarding an unsanitary area in connection with the schb&1 ares:. <br />at Gifford. <br />Commissioner Graves and S. N. Smith, Jr., Attorney, were appointed a committee <br />to work out details as to the disposing of the Porhorsky property which the County has in <br />I <br />charge. <br />The Board authorized as many of the commissioners who could together with County <br />Commissioners <br />Attorney to attend the <br />Convention of State Association of County/ftmgw to be held in Miami <br />beginning Wednesday, February <br />28 to Fridgy, March 29 1951, and that expenses of the trip would <br />be paid by the County. <br />Upon reotmendation <br />of Mrs. Anne Christensen, County Welfare Case Worker, the follow- <br />ing were ordered removed from <br />the welfare lists Mary Bryant, $5.50; Mary E. Henderson, $12.00; <br />and Mary King, $10.00. <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />RESOLUTION - TO CANCEL OUTSTANDING WARRANTS <br />Commissioner <br />Graves <br />introduced the following Resolution and moved its adoption as <br />follows, to -wits <br />Whereas, Indian River County has heretofore issued warrants as follows: <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUND. <br />DATE <br />NO. <br />IN FAVOR OF PURPOSE AMOUNT <br />June 6, 1944 <br />1155 <br />A. Foster Election Inspection 4 14.00 <br />May 1, 1945 <br />1863 <br />Raymond Davis Coroner's Jury 1.30 <br />May 11 1945 <br />1873 <br />George Putman It it 1.30 <br />March 4, 1947 <br />3277 <br />Hugh Corrigan 3rd it 1e 1.70 <br />February 3, 1948 <br />4057 <br />Elmer J. Harris office Expense 3.50 <br />October 5, 1948 <br />4762 <br />Percy S. Peek Coroner's Jury 1.30 <br />October 4, 1949 <br />5619 <br />Oslo Packing Co. Refund 26.47 <br />June 6, 1950 <br />6180 <br />Lary E. Henderson Welfare 12.00 <br />TOTAL $ 61.57 <br />I <br />