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IWOURTMD(REG)TOB <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 97-115 <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING EXF".)UTION OF JOINT <br /> PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT WITH FDOT <br /> 16"'STREET CANAL IMPROVEMENTS - <br /> STATE PROJECT#88010-3618 <br /> WHEREAS,the Florida Department of Transportation,District 4,is <br /> currently designing project#88010-3618 to culvert the 16"'Street canal <br /> between 61"Avenue and Wd Court in the Rockridge Subdivision,Indian River <br /> County,Florida,and <br /> WHEREAS,Indian River County proposes to replace fourteen(14)back <br /> lot ditch and side street culverts and catch basins connecting to the proposed <br /> 181h Street culvert,and <br /> WHEREAS,the County has requested that DOT include the fourteen(14) <br /> culvert replacements in the DOT project with funding estimated to cost <br /> $3B4O00 being provided by the County,and <br /> WHEREAS,the Florida Department of Transportation has provided the <br /> County with a proposed joint participation agreement providing the conditions <br /> for the joint project. <br /> NOW THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,that: <br /> 1) The foregoing recitals are adopted and ratified in their entirety. <br /> 2) The Board of County Commissioners authorizes the chairman to <br /> execute the Joint participation agreement with the Florida <br /> Department of Transportation and agree to fund replacement of <br /> the fourteen(14) culverts and catch basins. <br /> THIS RESOLUTION was moved for adoption by Commissioner Adam s <br /> seconded by Commissioner. T i Rn i n , and adopted on the <br /> 7 day of October 1997,by the following vote: <br /> Commissioner Carolyn Eggert nyp <br /> Commissioner John Tippin Ave <br /> Commissioner Caroline Ginn Aye <br /> Commissioner Ken Macht A h t P n t <br /> Commissioner Fran Adams A y e <br /> The Chairman thereupon declared the resolution duly passed and <br /> adopted this 7 day Of-nc t o h e r , 1997. <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA <br /> Caro . Eggert airman <br /> J ey ; lart´┐Ż$, jerk. <br /> C:T-r-llCMa nWFWln7W.tC 971CONfRAC1116dJPAree <br />