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E <br />1 <br />1 <br />M <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Graves, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and carried, <br />S. N. Smith, Jr., Attorney, was requested to meet with Trustees of the Florida East Coast <br />In Jaaksonvii11 e <br />Railway Asegar ng r gTa s -of -way for U. S. No. 1 within the "City limits of Vero Beach. <br />The Board authorized payment in the sum of $500.00 to the Vero Beach Chamber of <br />Commerce. <br />Mr. H. V. Barnett,,, County Ranger, appeared before the Board and made a report of <br />the activities of the Florida Board of Forestry pertaining to'Indian River County. <br />Mrs. Anne Christensen, County Case Welfare worker, appeared before the Board and made a re- <br />port of her activities for the month of February. <br />On motion of Commissioner Graves, seconders by Commissioner Waddell and carried, <br />the Board authorized purchase of a type -writer to cost $155.00 for the Tag Collector's <br />office. Request to purchase said type -writer was made by Honorable Troy T. Moody, Tax <br />Collector. <br />Chairman Stewart advised the Board the cost of celebration for the dedication of <br />the "Merrill P. Barber Bridge" to be held on March 18 would cost approximately $3500.00, <br />and one-half of said cost would be paid by the City of Vero Beach, and he recommended the <br />other half be paid by the County. Commissioner Hamilton moved that the County pay onephalf <br />, <br />of th& cost of the celebration not to exceed $1� 0.(0the motion was seconded by Commissioner <br />Wadde119"and thereupon the same was brought to vote by roll call and adopted as follows: <br />Ayess Commissioners Watts, Stewart, Hamilton and Waddell <br />Nays: Commissioner Graves <br />At the request of the City of Vero Beach the Board agreed to pay one-half of the <br />cost of operating master radio station in police and fire department from November 19 1949, <br />to October 319 19509 in the sum of $259.29. Said sum to be paid from the Fine and Forfeiture <br />Fund. <br />At the request of the City of Vero Beach the Board approved the payment of 61000.00 <br />to the City of Vero Beach towards the cost of a planing and zohing program as agreed upon <br />on November 13, 19509 and recited in the minutes of this Board under that date. Said pay- <br />ments would be made from the General Revenue Fund as follows: $300.00 in March; $300.00 in <br />April; $300.00 in May; and $100.00 in June. <br />The Board requested an inventory of furniture, fixtures and equipment of the Road <br />and Bridge Department and also such an inventory from all County offices said inventory to <br />be prepared and presented <br />to the <br />Board on <br />or <br />before October <br />1, <br />1951, <br />tJaif�n closing <br />kours <br />for City <br />and <br />the County as <br />to <br />the sale of alcoholic beverages <br />was discussed, and S. N. Smith, Jr., County Attorney, was instructed to write each City <br />within the County requesting a representative meet with this Board at their next regular <br />meeting. <br />TO THE RON. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER CO., <br />VERO BEACH, FLORIDA. <br />Gentlemens <br />die, The Indian River Farms Drainage District, of the County of Indian River State <br />of Florida, being the owner of Tax Sale Certificate Nos. 681, Sale of August 4, 1941 and <br />Cert. ­1086, Sale of July 31, 1942, in the sum of $4.5"1 and $3.86 reppectively covering the <br />following described property, to -wit: <br />S 20 iA of Trant 4 (less canal), See. 5, Twp. 32 S., Rge. 39 E. hereby make appli- <br />cation to your Honorable.Body to issue a duplicate Tax Sale Certificate in lieu of theoriginal <br />described herein for the following reasons: <br />(1) That said Tax Sale Certificates were purchased by us on March 22, 1943 for <br />