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Statutory'W'art.uny Deed I a'r'r(dccd\�Javr)VkIv1N <br />RJw • 43rd Avenue & onto Red <br /># Tat ID M21•33•39.00001.0010.00001.0 <br />TW ittEcx}ROS OF <br />{ • � � JEFFREY K. BARTON MCI IMENTARY STM" <br />i tic CLERK CIRCUIT COURT <br />KVM1RYERCO.,FLA. bEft)S//,a•?d a <br />NOTE I <br />STATUTORY WARRANTY DEED JFTFgFy't- R"1I'tt�IV' f,'t.1ERK c <br />INDIAN RWER COUNII v <br />THIS INDENTURE, made this A day of _ L4., -c , i.meoo , between William E. <br />Connelly, as Trustee of the DURRE77 ESTATE UST, whose address is 137 Saint <br />Andrews Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075, GRANTOR, and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />a political subdivision of the State of Florida, the address of whtclt Is 1840 25th Street, Vero <br />Beach, FL 32960, GRANTEE, e <br />C <br />WITNESSETH: <br />C <br />That GRANTOR, for and in consideration of the sum of Sixteen T bousand Twenty Dollars <br />and other good and valuable consideration to GRANTOR in hand paid by GRANTEE, the _ <br />receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained, and sold to the GRANTEE, <br />and GRANTEE'S heirs and assigns forever, the following described land, situate, lying, and n <br />being in Indian River County, Florida: C <br />r EXHIBIT "A" ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF <br />GRAN'T'OR does hereby fully warrant the title to the land, and will defend the same against <br />the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. <br />Signed in the presence f: <br />sign: J� G. -- <br />Witness DURRETT ESTATE TRUST <br />printed name: i, <br />sign: `I A XC Wks fit�'c " vt�ooTvt0.W1 BY <br />Witness.` William E. Connell , rustee <br />printed name: <br />RV1(,ykct_ TSt--cm9J t <br />STATE OF TENNESSEE <br />COUNTY OF c <br />The foregoing instrument was :acknowledged before me this h'A y day of rtl)rLm ► y , <br />by WILLIAAI E. CONNELLY, Trustee of tl?e DURRE7'7' ESTATE TRUST, «-leo <br />is personally known to the or produced _ as identification. <br />tte��t .� : �JI j J jjl, / j , <br />Notary Public: .`' b U Y �,h'y;;�� }. sign <br />stamped xxal wnh printed �,w 1, 9 "'�►f sir .., <br />dame ititlliS3lKMiA tx ),y... }1 G1�,111 <br />APPROVED AS TO FOR(\ <br />AND t EroAl RUFF ICIENC' <br />