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It was ordered that $100.00 be paid to the Indian River County Health Unit Petty <br />Cash account from the General Revenue Fund, <br />Elmer Harris9 County Service Officer, was authorized to purchase a four -drawer <br />metal filing cabinet. <br />ed <br />Chairman Stewart appoint/a Budget Committee, consisting of Commissioner Graves' <br />__//JP• <br />S. N. Smitri9 Attorney; E. E. Carter; Road and Bridge Superintendent; and Douglas Baker, Clerk;9 <br />together with himself to meet the latter part of the month for the consideration of the 1951- <br />1952 'budget. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Graves, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and unani- <br />mously carried, the Board entered into an inspection agreement with the Addressograph - <br />Company to make quarterly inspections of the Addressograph-Multigraph <br />Multigraph/equipment in the Tax Assessor's office, Model and Serial No. being 1955, 6341 and <br />IGO, for the sum of $30.50 for each quarterly inspection. <br />The Board instructed S. N. Smith, Jr.9 Attorney, together with E. E. Carter, <br />Road and Bridge Superintendent, to prepare "Notice Inviting Bids on Asphalt." <br />After considering and discussing the matter, the Board agreed to substitute regular <br />concrete steel bars in the new jail extension, in lieu of, tool -resistant steel bars. <br />It was ordered that monthly payments to the Child Welfare Unit be discontinued, <br />effective July 1, 1951. <br />The Indian River Citrus Banks Vero Beach, Florida' having filed proper applications' <br />request to be.named_and designated County Depository for the year 1951-1952, and upon motion <br />made by Commissioner Graves, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and carried it was ordered <br />such bank be designated as the County Depository for the following funds. <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUND <br />ROAD AND BRIDGE FUND <br />FINE AND FORFEITURE FUND <br />MOTHER'S PENSION FUND <br />SPECIAL R. & B. DIST. NO. 19 MAIN. FUND <br />INTEREST AND SINKING FUND <br />COURTHOUSE BONDS SINKING FUND <br />SPECIAL R. & B. DIST. NO. 41 BRAIN. FUND <br />COUNTY OFFICER'S EXCESS FEE FUND <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY JAIL IMPROVEMENT FUND <br />The depository bond set at the sum of $1509000.00 to constitute only of U.: S. Government <br />bonds and securities. <br />The following U. S. Government War Bonds were delivered to the Indian River Citrus <br />Bank for redemption and the proceeds of same to be deposited in the respective funds. <br />INTEREST & SINKING FUND <br />Bond No.'s M241754F and M241755F <br />$1480.00, Principal; $320.009 Interest; $1800.00, Total. <br />SPECIAL R. & B.fDIST. NO. 1MAIN. FWM <br />Bond No.'s M409723F9 0786294 C786293F Q416584F Q416583F9 and C786292F. <br />$999.00, Principal; $163.34, interest; 1162.34., total. <br />SPECIAL R. & B. DIST. NO. 4 MAIN. FUND <br />Bond No.'s M4097O)+F9 M40970 "F'9 M409706F, M4E)9707F9 8416579F9 and �►41658oF. <br />$2997.00' Principal; $490.049 Interest; $3487.04, Total. <br />The foregoing funds are to be budgeted in the 1951-1952 budget. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County, having been audited, were ex- <br />amined and found correct,'were approved and warrants issued in settlement of same. Such <br />-Bills and accounts being ori file ' in the office'' of the Clerk ''of the Circuit Court9 the <br />Warrants so issued from the respective funds being listed in the Supplemental Minute Book, <br />as provided by the rules of the State Auditor, reference to such record and the list so <br />recorded being made a part of these minutes. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing receipts and disburse- <br />ments of the various funds, which having been audited were found to be correct. <br />Upon motion duly made, seconded and adopted, the Board adjourned to meet in the <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />i <br />1 <br />•. <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />