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ATTEST: S�L �It� <br />J9fTrVf K. Barton, Clerk <br />State of Florida <br />g fIA Riv <br />I HEREBY CERTIFY t at on this day, <br />authorized in this State and County <br />personally appeared FRAN B. ADAMS, <br />Chairman of the Board of County <br />re ti 1 <br />RESOLUTION 96-16 <br />--vtv'TF a � C'L o�C iDp <br />C.00 AP -r y 04 /NDIAbt! R 7 ✓Ci, <br />before me, and officer duly <br />to take acknowledgements, <br />and JEFFREY K. BARTON, as <br />Commissioners and Clerk, <br />spec ve y, to me known to be the persons described in and who <br />executed the foregoing instrument and they acknowledged before me <br />that they executed the same. <br />WITNESS my ha and off ial seal in the County and State last <br />aforesaid this n?515 day of A.D., 1996. <br />•: :. �'ro1y MPATW' RIDeEI Y Nqt pry Publ i <br />JUN 27 tCC38E000 IXPIHES .;�i., PATRICIA M. RI06Fl,y <br />+M, rrmnoFmCERTIFICATION '£ WAMNISS0#0C3l�pt, <br />MbIAIAMCf, ItFL'.r June 27, 1076 <br />PMN TWU TMY FAN WU <br />The undersigned duly qualified and acting Indian River County <br />Board of County Commissioner of Indian River County certifies that <br />the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution adopted at <br />a legally convened meeting of the Indian River County Board of <br />County Commissioners held on January 23, 1996. <br />Official Seal <br />%u\r\npo\b1Xgrntc.ra <br />ts'-71 L <br />OCQ21�- <br />Signature <br />)5RAA! B. AoA/W S <br />Chairman, Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian <br />River County <br />11.73/96 <br />Date <br />Ino <br />Ri_ h Ni-jr � 1 <br />