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Department Trust Fund that is attributed to the CHD shall be carried forward to the next <br />contract period. <br />c. Either party may establish service fees as allowed by law to fund activities of the CHD <br />Where applicable, such fees shall be automatically adjusted to at least the Medicaid fee <br />schedule. <br />d. Either party may increase or decrease funding of this contract during the term hereof <br />by notifying the other party in writing of the amount and purpose for the change in funding. If <br />the State initiates the increase/decrease, the CHD will revise the Attachment II and send a <br />copy of the revised pages to the County and the Department of Health, Office of Budget and <br />Revenue Management. If the County initiates the increase/decrease, the County shall notify <br />the CHD. The CHD will then revise the Attachment II and send a copy of the revised pages <br />to the Department of Health, Office of Budget and Revenue Management. <br />e The name and address of the official payee to whom payments shall be made is: <br />County Health Department Trust Fund <br />Indian River County Health Department <br />Accounts Receivable, 1900 27th Street <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960-3383 <br />5. CHD DIRECTOR/ADMINISTRATOR. Both parties agree the director/administrator of <br />the CHD shall be a State employee or under contract with the State and will be under the <br />day-to-day direction of the Deputy Secretary for County Health Systems. The <br />director/administrator shall be selected by the State with the concurrence of the County. The <br />director/administrator of the CHD shall ensure that non -categorical sources of funding are <br />used to fulfill public health priorities in the community and the Long Range Program Plan. A <br />report detailing the status of public health as measured by outcome measures and similar <br />indicators will be sent by the CHD director/administrator to the parties no later than October 1 <br />of each year (This is the standard quality assurance "County Health Profile" report located on the Division of <br />Public Health Statistics and Performance Management Intranet site) <br />6. ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. The parties hereto agree that <br />the following standards should apply in the operation of the CHD. <br />a. The CHD and its personnel shall follow all State policies and procedures, except to the <br />extent permitted for the use of County purchasing procedures as set forth in subparagraph <br />b., below. All CHD employees shall be State or State -contract personnel subject to State <br />personnel rules and procedures. Employees will report time in the Health Management <br />System compatible format by program component as specified by the State. <br />b. The CHD shall comply with all applicable provisions of federal and state laws and <br />regulations relating to its operation with the exception that the use of County purchasing <br />procedures shall be allowed when it will result in a better price or service and no statewide <br />Department of Health purchasing contract has been implemented for those goods or <br />services. In such cases, the CHD director/administrator must sign a justification therefore, <br />and all County purchasing procedures must be followed in their entirety, and such <br />3 <br />