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A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />Upon recording return to: <br />Tirso M. Carreja, Esq. <br />Shutts & Bowen LLP <br />4301 W. Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 300 <br />Tampa, Florida 33607 <br />AMENDED MEMORANDUM OF TOWER SPACE LEASE <br />This Amended Memorandum of Tower Space Lease (this "Amended MOL") is made and <br />entered into as of this 15 day of S ptRmber , 2015, between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ("Lessor") whose address is 1840 25`' Street, Vero Beach; <br />FL 32960, and VERIZON WIRELESS PERSONAL'COMMUNICATIONS LP, a Delaware limited <br />partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, as successor in interest to PrimeCo Personal Communications, L P <br />("Lessee"). <br />1. Lessor, on the terms and conditions set forth in an unrecorded document dated August 5, <br />1997, entitled "Tower Space Lease", as amended by that certain First Amendment to Tower Space Lease <br />dated of even date herewith by and between Lessor and Lessee (the "Lease"), as evidenced by that certain <br />Memorandum of Lease dated August 5, 1997 by and between Lessor and Primeco Personal <br />Communications, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, as predecessor in interest to Lessee (the <br />"Memorandum"), which terms are incorporated herein by reference, and in consideration for the rents and <br />covenants therein, hereby grants, bargains, sells, and releases unto Lessee, its successors and assigns, a <br />nonexclusive easement for ingress and egress, seven (7) days a week twenty-four (24) hours a day, on <br />foot and motor vehicle, including trucks, over or along a portion of the property owned by Lessor (the <br />"Relocated Access Easement Area") which Relocated Access Easement Area is more particularly <br />described in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. <br />2. Lessee hereby releases and relinquishes unto Lessor the "Proposed Access Easement" <br />identified in Exhibit "A" of that certain Memorandum as recorded in the Public Records of Indian River <br />County at OR Book 1207, Page 0851, which Proposed Access Easement is hereby terminated and <br />extinguished, without, however, releasing, relinquishing, terminating or extinguishing any rights granted <br />to Lessee under Section 1 of this Amended MOL as to the Relocated Access Easement Area in Exhibit A <br />attached hereto and/or the Proposed Lease Parcel as such is identified on Exhibit "A" of the <br />Memorandum. <br />3 In the event of any inconsistency between the exhibits contained in the Memorandum and <br />this Amended MOL, the exhibits of this Amended MOL shall control Except as otherwise set forth <br />herein, all other terms and conditions of the Memorandum remain in full force and effect. The purpose of <br />this Amended MOL is to give record notice of the Relocated Access Easement Area, and of the rights <br />created thereby, all of which are hereby confirmed. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this <br />Amended MOL and the terms of the Lease, the terms of the Lease shall prevail. <br />Verizon Wireless Site Name/ID. IRC EMS Station — 62715 <br />