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W Arrrrsr i. ,v _ a,: 0.101 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />TUESDAY, JUNE 1st, 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Court House in Vero Beach, on Tuesday June let 1926, with the following members of the <br />Board presents John H. Atkin, Chairman; G. ,'A. Braddock; 3. W. LaBxuce; Donald Forbes <br />and 0. 0. Heleeth. Also present were Miles Warren, Cleric and J. W. Knight,Sheriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting was read and approved. <br />The following names having been certified by the Secretary of State under date of <br />Map- 11, 1926, ae candidates <br />same were ordered placed on <br />primary election to be held <br />for the State offices set opposite their respective names, <br />the official primary ballot of the Democratic Party for the <br />Tuesday June 8th 1926. <br />UNITED SATES SENATOR. <br />Jerry W. Carter <br />Duncan U.Fletcher <br />John A. Van Valzah <br />s' EPR&SENTAT IV.. IN CONGRESS FOURTH DISTRICT. <br />Ruth Bryan Owen <br />I. J. Sears. <br />JUSTICE SUPREME COURT Group 3. <br />Francis B.Carter <br />Louie W.Strum <br />RAILROAD COU' R. Group No.1 <br />R. Hudson Burr <br />R. 1. Eaton <br />Ebenezer Jackson Harris <br />RAILROAD COY'R. Group No.2 <br />Eugene S.Matthewe <br />Thos. J. Redding Jr. <br />STATE SENATOR 33rd, DIST. <br />Ton Campbell <br />L. W. Jennings <br />The following names having been certified by the Secretary of State under date of <br />May 11, 1926 as candidates for State office set opposite their respective names, same <br />were ordered omitted from the official ballot of Indian River County, and are hereby <br />declared to be the Democratic Nominee for such office having been nominated without <br />opposition. <br />ATTORNEY GENERAL. <br />J.B.Johnson <br />JUSTICE SUPREME COURT Group No.1 <br />William H.Ellis <br />JUSTICE SUPREME COURT Group No.2 <br />Rivers Buford <br />JUSTICE SUPREME COURT Group No.$ <br />Armistead Brown <br />JUSTICE SUPREME COURT Group No. 5 Unexpired Tera. <br />MINI re Buford <br />The Secretary of State having under date of May 19th 1926 certified to this Board <br />that Angus Sumner and Edwin Brobston, candidates for State Attorney, Twenty-first Judi- <br />cial Circuit of Florida, having failed to file their sworn statement of campaign expense <br />as required by law, were declared eliminated as such candidates, and the Secretary of <br />S tate hawing riled an additional certificate under date of May 12, 1926 declaring Alte <br />Adams, candidate for such office to be the only candidate who had filed sworn itemised <br />statement of his campaign expenses with such Secretary of State as required by law, he <br />was declared the Democratic Nominee for such office. In compliance with law and the <br />certificates of the Secretary of State, Alto Adams, candidate for State Attorney for the <br />Twenty-first Judicial Circuit of Florida is hereby certified by this Board to be the <br />Democratic nominee for such office. <br />The following candidate's for the respective County offices named hawing qualified <br />acoordixg to law, their names were ordered placed on the official ballot for the prisiair <br />• .m4•:. 1:1"i#"'.1ry&•s:r •i,..t'S.t iko 4.1444".sir."`�.C�,�'ilYfa_ a�o':.Y'rr_ ..3. w., 4 a�:� w.Ixia,,74-`.46064114414166.;;1 <br />