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9. PUBLIC ITEMS (cont'd.): <br />C. PUBLIC NOTICE ITEMS <br />1 Scheduled for Public Hearing on February 19, 2002: <br />a. Grand Harbor's, LTD request for an abandon- <br />ment of a 6' x 660' portion of Via Marbella <br />Boulevard right-of-way within Grand Harbor <br />(Legislative) <br />b. Channing Corporation's request to modify <br />certain approved conceptual PD Plan setbacks <br />for a portion of the Old Orchid PD project. <br />The development is located at the northeast <br />corner of Jungle Trail and C.R. 510 (Legislative) <br />2. Scheduled for Public Hearing on March 5, 2002: <br />a. Central Grove Corp. and Seminole Venture, Inc's. <br />to rezone two adjacent parcels containing a total of <br />32.8 acres. Both parcels are currently <br />zoned A-1, Agricultural District (up to 1 unit / 5 <br />acres). The request is to rezone the northern <br />parcel to RS -6, Single -Family Residential Dis- <br />trict (up to 6 units/acre), and to rezone the <br />southern parcel to RM -6, Multiple -Family Resi <br />dential District (up to 6 units/acre). The northern <br />parcel is 20 acres in size and is located a quarter <br />mile north of 26th Street, on the west side of 66th <br />Avenue. The southern parcel is 12.8 acres in <br />size and is located at the northwest comer of 26th <br />Street and 66th Avenue (Quasi -Judicial) <br />b. Dennis and Olska Forbes' request to rezone 34.33 <br />acres from RM -6, Multiple -Family Residential <br />District (up to 6 units/acre), to RM -8, Multiple <br />Family Residential District (up to 8 units/acre). <br />The subject property is located 700 east of US 1, <br />on the south side of 45th Street (Quasi -Judicial) <br />3. Scheduled for Public Hearing on March 12, 2002: <br />Knight Enterprises' request to rezone 1.26 acres from A-1, <br />Agricultural District (up to 1 unit/5 acres) to IL, Light <br />Industrial. The subject property is located 717 feet north <br />of 9th Street SW (Oslo Road) and approximately half a <br />mile west of 74th Ave. (Quasi -Judicial) <br />(memorandum dated January 28, 2002) 106-107 <br />BACKUP <br />PAGES <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />None <br />