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BACKUP <br />CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd.): <br />L. Marsh Island Development Inc., Request for Final <br />Plat Approval for a subdivision to be known as Marsh <br />Island P.D. (Planned Development) <br />(memorandum dated January 22, 2002) <br />PAGES <br />M. Smigiel Partners IV, Ltd., Request for Final Plat <br />Approval for a Subdivision to be known as Waters Edge <br />Plat II <br />(memorandum dated January 23, 2002) <br />Henry Muller's Request for Final Plat Approval for Oak <br />Island Phase II Subdivision <br />(memorandum dated January 14, 2002) <br />CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS and <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />1. Suburban Acres — 32nd Terrace Service Petition <br />Water Service — Resolution III <br />(memorandum dated January 25, 2002) <br />J.D. Byrider of Vero Beach's Request for Special <br />Exception Use Approval for a Used Car Sales <br />Business (Quasi -Judicial) <br />(memorandum dated January 29, 2002) <br />AN ORDNANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />FLORIDA, PROHIBITING THE TAKING OR <br />HARVESTING OF LAND CRABS ON PUBLIC <br />RIGHTS-OF-WAY IN UNINCORPORATED <br />INDIAN RIVER COI TNTY, FLORIDA, PROVID- <br />ING FOR PENALTIES, SEVERABILITY, CODI- <br />FICATION, AND AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br />(memorandum dated January 30, 2002) <br />