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1.073 <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd.): <br />B. Approval of Warrants <br />(memorandum dated February 28, 2002) <br />BACKUP <br />PAGES <br />1-13 <br />C. Proclamation Honoring St. Peter's Missionary Baptist <br />Church on Its 100th Anniversary <br />14 <br />D. Proclamation Honoring Stephanie Altmiller as a <br />Distinguished Finalist in the Prudential Spirit of <br />Community Awards <br />Suntree Partners, Inc. Request for Final Plat Approval for <br />Citrus Springs P.D. — Village 'A' <br />(memorandum dated February 26, 2002) <br />F M.A.C.E. Grant (Multi -Agency Criminal Enforcement <br />Unit) Project Generated Income — Budget Amendment 007 <br />(memorandum dated March 6, 2002) <br />G. Developer's Agreement with Margo Stanford (for Water <br />Main Replacement on 9th Place, 9th Street, and 8th Place <br />Between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue) — Release of <br />Retainage for Work Completed to Date <br />(memorandum dated March 4, 2002) <br />15 <br />16-38 <br />39-44 <br />45-62 <br />Miscellaneous Budget Amendment 008 <br />(memorandum dated March 6, 2002) 63-64 <br />I. IRC Bid 14044 Backhoe Transport Trailer <br />Utilities Department <br />(memorandum dated February 27, 2002) <br />65-82 <br />J Declare Equipment Surplus for Sale or Disposal <br />(memorandum dated February 27, 2002) 83-90 <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS and <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />Space for Supervisor of Elections <br />(continued from BCC meeting of March 5, 2002) <br />3 <br />/ 8 <br />