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1 <br />by them and the `.tax Assessor and the members of the Board having fully discussed the <br />statements and facts as presented decided to make no change in the assessment roll as <br />prepared -and presented by the County ,assessor of Taxes. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />The Board then adjourned until Wednesday, July 6th, 1927 at 10:00 A.M. <br />WEDNEZDAY, JULY 6th, 1927. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, met in the office <br />of the Clerk of the Circuit Court at Vero Beach, in the County of Indian River, on th <br />the 6th day of July 1927, and the following County Commissioners were present: <br />Geo A.Braddock; J.T.LaBruce, J.J.P.Hami.lton; O.O.Helseth and John H.Atkin,Chairman. <br />The Mothers Pension application of Hattie Van Antwerp of Sebastian, was approved <br />and monthly warrant ordered issued to her in the sum. of 020.00. <br />Deputy `Sheriff Bond of L.A.Moeller, in the sum of 41,000.00 with Walter S.Buck- <br />ingham and H..Guthrie, as sureties was approved. <br />The Board of County Commissioners, sitting as a Canvassing Board for the canvass- <br />ing of the votes cast in the Sebastian Inlet bond Election, as provided by law, pro- <br />ceeded to canvass such returns and made out and delivered by the Inspectors and Clerk <br />of the respective voting precincts in which such election was held. rhe following <br />result was announced: <br />Precinct. For Bonds. Against Bonds. <br />Roseland Ho.1............................16 4 <br />Sebastian no. 2 ..........................88 2 <br />Wabasso no. 3 ............................ 4 47 <br />Fellemere Ivo.8...........................12 60 <br />Tota1..... .......120 113 <br />It was ordered that a certified copy of this canvass the forwarded to the Board <br />of County Commissioners of Brevard County, Florida, a part of such Inlet District <br />being within the said Uounty of Brevard. <br />It was ordered that the bill of w.S.Caraker, of gest Palm Beach, for X50.81 for <br />repairs to 'Studebaker Touring car alleged to have been wrecked by County road truck, <br />be rejected. <br />ROAD PETITION. <br />NATE OF FLORIDA, <br />a <br />s <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER) <br />TO THE HONORABLE BOARD OF COUNTY COMKIS'SIONERS OF SAID COUNTY: <br />Gentlemen:- <br />Vre, the undersigned, citizens of the County of Indian River, State of Flo - <br />rids, respectfully represent that the necessities of the public require a County xoad <br />to be laid out as follows; Commencing at the intersection of the Last and West center <br />Section line, Section Three (3) Township thirty-two (32) South, RangeThirty-nism (39) <br />East,, and the Last right-of-way line of the state Road number Four (4). thence Bast <br />to the shore of the Indian rover. <br />Said road right-of-way to be",not less than Fifty (50) feet in width. <br />The said road petition being signed by W.H.Donaldson and six others. <br />It was ordered that D.L.Leisher, Paul Luther and B.K.Kersey, bei named viewers, <br />to view, mark and lay out said road and report to this Board. <br />The Commissioners of the Vero Bridge District, in conformity with an fact of the <br />1927 Legislature turned over to this Board the sum of X3,000.94 cash on hand in the <br />Bank, and the County Commissioners took charge of the Vero Bridge and the District <br />embraced therein. <br />it was ordered that the County Engineer repair the Vero Bridge 9= the cost of <br />such not to exceed X8,000.00 to be paid out of the Koad & Bridge fund and reimbursed <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />