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5. PROCLAMATIONS and PRESENTATIONS <br />C. Presentation by Crystal Bujol on Gifford Youth Orchestra <br />D. Presentation by Helene Caseltine, Economic Development Director, Indian <br />River County Chamber of Commerce on Website Launched to Attract <br />Business <br />PAGE <br />2-3 <br />6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />A. September 11, 2013 Preliminary Budget Hearing <br />B. September 17, 2013 <br />7. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS FROM STAFF OR COMMISSIONERS NOT <br />REQUIRING BOARD ACTION <br />None <br />8. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Approval of Warrants — October 4, 2013 to October 10, 2013 <br />(memorandum dated October 10, 2013) <br />4-12 <br />B. Resolutions Cancelling Taxes on Properties Purchased by Indian River <br />County for Right -of -Way <br />(memorandum dated October 15, 2013) <br />13-47 <br />C. Approval of Bid Award for IRC Bid No. 2014013 Annual Bid for Sulfuric <br />Acid <br />(memorandum dated October 11, 2013) <br />48-53 <br />D. Consideration of Revised Federal Highway Administration Urban Boundary <br />and Roadway Functional Classification Map <br />(memorandum dated October 14, 2013) <br />54-56 <br />E. F.D.O.T. Small County Outreach Program (SCOP) Agreement — <br />Amendment No. 1 and Resolution Authorizing the Chairman's Signature <br />Construction (Reconstruction) of CR512 Eastbound Lanes Only from <br />Roseland Road to Easy Street FM No. 427572-1-58-01 IRC Project No. <br />1132 <br />(memorandum dated October 1, 2013) <br />57-62 <br />BK 44 PG 469 <br />October 22, 2013 Page 2 of 7 <br />