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6. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />A. Regular Meeting of October 1, 2013 <br />B. Regular Meeting of October 8, 2013 <br />7. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS FROM STAFF OR COMMISSIONERS NOT <br />REQUIRING BOARD ACTION <br />A. Appointment of District 3 Appointee to Children's Services Advisory <br />Committee <br />(memorandum dated November 6, 2013) <br />PAGE <br />1-5 <br />8. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. Approval of Warrants — October 18 2013 to October 31, 2013 <br />(memorandum dated October 31, 2013) 6-16 <br />B. Indian River County Appointments to the Economic Opportunities Council <br />(EOC) <br />(memorandum dated November 5, 2013) <br />17-18 <br />C. Rejection of Bids for IRC Bid No. 2013051 South County RO Plant Storage <br />Tank Interconnect Project <br />(memorandum dated November 4, 2013) <br />19-21 <br />D. Sandridge Golf Course Telephone System Replacement Proposal for NEC <br />Telephone System Replacement and Approval of NEC Corporation of <br />America (NEC) as Sole Source Provider <br />(memorandum dated November 4, 2013) <br />22-26 <br />E. FDEP Grant Agreement No. 14IR2, Hurricane Sandy Beach Repair Project — <br />Sector 3 <br />(memorandum dated November 4, 2013) <br />27-59 <br />F. Amendment to Elevated Water Tank Space License Agreement with Sprint <br />(memorandum dated November 5, 2013) 60-88 <br />G. Approval of Bid Award for IRC Bid No. 20140008, US1 Widening Utility <br />Conflicts from Oslo Road to County Line <br />(memorandum dated November 4, 2013) <br />89-103 <br />H. Interlocal Agreement between the Town of Orchid and Indian River County <br />Post Hurricane Sandy Dune Project Reimbursement <br />(memorandum dated November 6 2013) <br />104-108 <br />8K 144 PG 545 <br />November 12, 2013 Page 2 of 6 <br />