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1124.2. APPROVAL OF FY 2013/14 EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES <br />(EMS) COUNTY AWARDS GRANT: PURCHASE OF CAPITAL/OPERATING <br />EQUIPMENT USING NON-MATCHING EMS GRANT FUNDS AND GRANT <br />RESOLUTION <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Solari, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner O'Bryan, the Board unanimously: (1) <br />authorized the Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Emergency Medical <br />Services (EMS) Grant; (2) approved Resolution 2013- <br />01ESD, authorizing the application for funding County <br />Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Grant Awards to be <br />submitted to the State of Florida Department of Health, <br />Bureau of Emergency Medical Services; (3) authorized the <br />Chairman to execute the necessary documents to obtain <br />funds from the Department of Health in the amount of <br />$17,439.00 for the purchase of a King Vision Video <br />Laryngoscope and accessories; (4) authorized budget <br />amendments as required to receive and expend the grant <br />funds; and (5) authorized staff to establish a unique <br />accounting code designator for all County Awards Grant <br />deposits, disbursements, interest accruals, and rollover of <br />funds, as they are required to be maintained in a separate <br />fund or account for inspection by the State EMS Monitoring <br />and Compliance Unit, all as stated and recommended in the <br />memorandum of October 30, 2013. <br />DOCUMENT ON FILE IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK TO THE BOARD <br />November 5, '2013 2 <br />ESD <br />OK 144 PG 542. <br />