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3237 <br />FRIDAY. JULY 24, 1953 <br />• <br />Person <br />Lot 22, Block 134, Town of Fellsmere <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met I <br />the Office of <br />NY2 of Lot 2, Block 7, Osceola Park IIomesites Sub. <br />the Clerk <br />of the <br />Circuit Court at Vero Beach, Indian River County, on this th'e <br />24th day of <br />Heath <br />July, <br />1953, at <br />9:00 o'clock A. M. in adjourned session as Equalization Board, <br />as provided by <br />Jessie <br />law, <br />with the <br />following members present: Chairman W. C. Graves, Jr.; Aubrey <br />L. Waddell, <br />Sub. <br />H. C. <br />Watts, J. <br />J. P. Hamilton; Absent: Allison 111arren. Also present were <br />Sherman N. Smith, <br />applications and evidence presented to <br />Jr., <br />Attorney; <br />E. E. Carter, Road and Bridge Superintendent; and Douglas Baker, <br />Clerk. <br />The County Tax Assessor filed with the Clerk to the Board, and there was <br />presented to the Board at this meeting, the applications for the tax exemptions set out in <br />the Resolution next following herein, together with original notice of disapproval of said <br />appli-cations with entry of service upon the respective applicants, and same were duly re- <br />viewed by the Board together with evidence presented to the Tax Assessor upon which the re- <br />spective applicants based their claims for exemption. No applicants appeared in.person or by <br />® agent. Thereupon Commissioner Waddell introduced the following Resolution and moved its <br />adoption, to -wit: <br />WHEREAS, original notice of disapproval of application for tax exemption with <br />entry of service upon the respective applicants therefor, as hereinafter listed, have been <br />filed with the Clerk of this Board as follows: <br />Name of <br />Person <br />Lot 22, Block 134, Town of Fellsmere <br />Description <br />of Rroperty <br />NY2 of Lot 2, Block 7, Osceola Park IIomesites Sub. <br />• <br />Carl H. <br />Heath <br />Lot 21 & SY2 <br />of Lot <br />23, Block 9, <br />Shadowlawn Sub. <br />Jessie <br />Brew <br />NY of Lot 5, <br />Little <br />Acres Farm <br />Sub. <br />John Henry Coffey, Jr. Part of S 10 A of Tract 10, Sec. 11, Twp. 33, Rge 39 <br />Adolph F. Snyder Lots 7 & 8, Block 17, McAnsh Park Sub. <br />Miss Bethany E.. Routh Lot 12, Block 39, City of Nero Beach <br />J. L. Stinson S% of Lot 4 C- Lot 5, Block 2 and Lot 6 & W2' of Lot 7 , <br />Block 2, Mari -Jen -Ie Sub. <br />Walter F., Bradt Beg at NE corner of SE% of NW% & run S 87 degs 14 min W <br />296.35 ft for p.o.b. thence S 60 degs 03 min W 211.7 ft, <br />thence N 29 degs 57 min W 41 ft, thence N 60 deg 03 min <br />E 143.3 ft, thence N 89 deg 14 min E 79.7 ft to p.o.b. <br />Replat of Walls Terrace Sub. <br />Rosa Mae Douglas Lot 41 of Addition to Jackson's Subdivision <br />W. R. Bell <br />Lot 22, Block 134, Town of Fellsmere <br />Annie H. Havens <br />NY2 of Lot 2, Block 7, Osceola Park IIomesites Sub. <br />• <br />J. C. Gore <br />E 5 A of Tr 8, less Rd R/W Sec 3, Twp 33 Rge 38 <br />0. L. Ward <br />Part of Section 11 Twp 33, Rge 39 <br />James C. Stanley <br />N% of Lot 13 & 14, Block 25, City of Vero Beach <br />Joseph E. harper <br />Lots 11 & 12, Block 13, Vero Beach Estates <br />This Board, sitting as <br />a Board of Equalization, has reviewed each of said <br />applications and evidence presented to <br />the Tax Assessor upon which applicant based his claim <br />for exemption, and no persons having <br />appeared for hearing on said applications or any of them, <br />and each of said applications and the <br />by this Board, <br />disapproval thereof having been duly considered and <br />therefore; <br />reviewed together with <br />such evidence; <br />BE IT RESOLVED, That the <br />decision of the Tax Assessor with respect to each and <br />all the above described applications <br />be and it is herewith affirmed. <br />Motion for the adoption <br />of the Resolution was seconded by Commissioner Hamilton <br />• <br />and unanimously carried. <br />