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Name of Person <br />Luke R. Rivenbark <br />J. A. Treadwell <br />Eddie Armstrong <br />Ernest M. Rovella <br />Charles Barber <br />Alex Babcock <br />Anita Huggins <br />Eddie Williams <br />4237 <br />Description of Property <br />Lot 9 & Part of Lot 8 as in D Bk 63, pp 437, Block 33, <br />Replat of McAnsh Park <br />Lot 1 & WY2 of -Lot 2, Block 5, Groveland Sub. <br />Lot 9, Block 1, Hillcrest Sub. <br />Lot 11, Block 1, Groveland Sub. <br />Lot 5, Block 11, Spruce Park Sub. <br />Lots 26, 27, 28, Block 3, IV. E. Hoover's Sub. <br />Lot 88, Block 3, Hall, Carter & James Sub. <br />Lots 132, 133, Block 4, Hall, Carter & James Sub. <br />Rosa B. Martin Beg. at the SCJ cor of that certain tract of land lying <br />in the SWY4 of Sec. 12-33-39 as in D Bk 54, pp 4359 <br />U Bk 83, pp 139 <br />Carl Heath Lot 21 G Sy of Lot 23, Block 9,'Shadowlawn Sub. <br />This Board, sitting as a Board of Equalization, has reviewed each of said <br />. applications and evidence presented to the Tax _ssessor upon which applicant based his claim <br />for exemption, and no persons having appeared for hearing on said applications or my of them, <br />and each of said applications and the disapproval thereof having been duly considered and <br />reviewed by this Board, together with such evidence; therefore; <br />BE IT RESOLVED, That the d ecision of the Tax Assessor with respect to each and <br />all the above described applications be and it is herewith affirmed. <br />Motion fpr -the adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Commissioner iaatts <br />and unanimously carried. <br />B. E a Q L U 1 -1 Q N -- Approving 1954 Tax Roll <br />Upon Motion of Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and <br />unanimously carried, the following Resolution was adopted: <br />WHEREAS, due notice by publication thereof has been given that the County <br />Assessor of Taxes of Indian River County, Florida, would meet with the Board of County <br />Commissioners on the 23rd day of July, 1954, and would at such time present the tax assess- <br />ment roll of said County for the year 1954 for equalization, as will appear by proof of <br />publication of such notice recorded in the minutes; and, <br />_ g <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to such notice, the County Tax,,Assessor did meet with the <br />Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, on the 23rd day of July, 1954, <br />at the hour of 9:00 o'clock A. M. in the Clerk's Office in the Indian River County Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida, and the Board of County Commissioners has, at said time, convened as a <br />board of equalization for the purpose of examining said roll and of receiving complaints and <br />testimony with regard to the same and with regard to <br />sonal, as fixed by the County ,Issessor of Taxes upon <br />the value of any property, real or per- <br />such roll; and, <br />WHEREAS, <br />said Board did adjourn until <br />the 26th day of July, 1954, at'the hour <br />Jhof 9:00 o'clock <br />�- <br />A. M., <br />at which time it did reconvene <br />as a Board of Equalization; and, <br />WHEREAS, <br />the Board of County Commissioners <br />has received such complaints and <br />such testimony <br />offered, <br />if any, and has examined and <br />reviewed said assessment roll and has <br />found it unnecessary <br />to <br />increase the valuation of any <br />property shown thereon and has found <br />such assessment <br />roll to <br />be correct; Now, therefore, <br />