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*00 <br /> Retum to: <br /> Global Tower , LLC <br /> 1801 Clint Moore Rd. <br /> Suite <br /> Boca Raton, FL 33487 <br /> Site Name: FL-5586 <br /> Site Number. Vero Beach <br /> MEMORANDUM OF LICENSE <br /> This Memorandum of License evidences a License ("License") between Indian River County <br /> ("County"), whose address is 1801 27th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960 and Global Tower Assets, LLC, a <br /> Delaware limited liability company, whose mailing address is 1801 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487 <br /> ("Global Tower"), commencing on date Global Tower begins construction at the site (the "Commencement Date"), <br /> which shall be confirmed in writing from Global Tower to County, for certain real property (the "Premises") <br />, as <br /> described in Exhibit 1 attached hereto. <br /> County ratifies, restates and confirms the License and hereby licenses to Global Tower the Premises, subject to <br /> the terms and conditions of the Lic nse . The License provides for the License by the County to Global Tower of the <br /> Premises for [a/an initial] term of n ( i c) years with renewal option(s) of an additional evwe� (Sjyears each, and <br /> further provides : <br /> 1 . County will attorn to any mortgagee of Global Tower and will subordinate any County' s lien to the liens of <br /> Global Tower' s mortgagees; <br /> 2 . The License restricts County' s ability to utilize, or allow the utilization of its adjacent property for <br /> the <br /> construction, operation and/or maintenance of communications towers and related facilities ; <br /> 3 . The Premises may be used exclusively by Global Tower and the County for all legal purposes, including <br /> without limitation, erecting, installing, operating and maintaining radio and communications towers, buildings, and <br /> equipment; <br /> 4. Global Tower is entitled to sublicense the Premises, including any communications tower located thereon; <br /> and, <br /> 5 . Under certain circumstances, Global Tower has a right of first refusal to acquire the Premises from County. <br /> [THE REMAINDER OF THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK, <br /> SIGNATURES BEGIN ON NEXT PAGE] <br /> 1 <br />