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DR -505 <br />R. 7/92 <br />111 <br />73-6 <br />cers <br />nO <br />PERSONAL PROPERTY E 6 I REPORT — 1993 TAX ROLL <br />INSTRUCTIONS <br />TO TAX COLLECTORS: <br />(1) Use this for the last sheet on your list of errors, insolvencies, double assessments, and discounts <br />(2) Do not list any item without showing the reason or code in the right-hand marginal column. <br />(3) Group together as much as possible all items coming under one head. For instance, place all Errors under one headini <br />Double Assessments under another, Exemptions under another, etc. <br />(4) On exemptions specify whether widow, veteran, homestead, disability, etc. <br />RECAPITULATION <br />KARL ZIMMERMANN ,Tax Collector of INDIAN RIVER <br />hereby certify that the within and foregoing is a true list of all; ERRORS, INSOLVENCIES, DOUBLE ASSESSMENTS and DISCOUN <br />ment Roll for the year 19 93 ; that all errors and double assessments have been plainly indicated on the Assessment Roll; that the disco <br />earned for the month as shown that no exemptions, other than those shown on the Assessment Roll, have been allowed by me excel <br />of satisfactory proof that each such claim was just and legal that each item herein marked as insolvent is in fact insolvent and, althou <br />has been made by me I have been unable to find any property upon which levy can be made to enforce the payment of the tax; that I <br />any of the items shown on this list. <br />I am, therefore, entitled to credit against the 19 93 Assessment Roll in the following amounts: <br />Errors _ $ 8,536.83 <br />Insolvencies $ <br />Double Assessments $ (5,637.50) <br />Discounts $ <br />Federal Bankruptcies . $ <br />Others: (Specify) . , DELETIONS — NO PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAX. $ <br />P Y(21,307.40) <br />GOVERNMENT PURCHASED $ (19,820.79) <br />. $ <br />Total <br />Dated this the 27TH day of <br />JULY <br />9 94 �. <br />��2 c: <br />