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.v. • <br />t'ad <br />.9 <br />.- .. <br />4/441:i. <br />W-14 <br />h Y. <br />101.1'; <br />7 <br />4.4 <br />• <br />V <br />• <br />• <br />SWHZ4LSE.P114 <br />• <br />communication network. The tower shall be free-standing and there <br />shall be no guy wires placed off the lease premises without express <br />permission of the CITY. <br />3. Maintenance and Operation. It shall be the responsibility <br />of the COUNTY, as opposed to the CITY, to operate and maintain the <br />facility, and the COUNTY shall keep the property in good <br />maintenance and repair and shall be responsible for paying all <br />bills and other expenses attributable to the property, including <br />taxes, if applicable. <br />4. 8ccesa. The CITY guarantees the COUNTY and its assigns <br />access to the property from Old Dixie Highway over an ingress - <br />egress easement generally shown on the location map, attached as <br />Exhibit "A.„ <br />5. gold Harmless. To the extent allowed by Florida law, and <br />not to the extent of any negligence on the part of CITY, COUNTY <br />shall hold CITY harmless from any and all liability arising out of <br />the use of the property by the COUNTY or its assigns or agents. <br />COUNTY agrees to take the steps necessary to remedy any and all <br />electronic interference experienced by TCI Cablevision of the <br />Treasure Coast, or its assigns or successors, caused by the use of <br />the communications tower. <br />6. Termination. This Lease shall terminate if COUNTY ceases <br />to use the communications tower for the purpose stated in Paragraph <br />No. 2 above. <br />2 <br />