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INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br />Znv <br />]m T� <br />Z � <br />m <br />53 Ckn <br />(l � <br />O <br />This Agreement, entered into this 02g day ofT 2 O <br />%nt` h <br />1994, by and between the City of Vero BeacA <br />hereiVafter referred to as the CITY) and Indian River County, <br />Solid Waste Disposal District (hereinafter referred to as the <br />SWDD) . <br />WHEREAS, the Statewide goal of the Solid Waste <br />Management Act of 1988 (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") is <br />to reduce the amount of municipal solid waste being disposed of <br />at solid waste management facilities by at least 30 percent by <br />1994; and <br />WHEREAS, in an effort to reach this goal the Act <br />required counties to develop and implement recycling programs <br />within their jurisdictions, to return valuable materials to <br />productive use, to conserve energy and natural resources, and to <br />protect capacity at solid waste management facilities; and <br />WHEREAS, the Act required that said recycling programs <br />be initiated by July 1, 1989; and <br />WHEREAS, in an effort to accomplish the recycling goals <br />of the Act, the SWDD in fiscal year 1991-92 implemented a <br />curbside recycling collection program for single family <br />residences; and <br />WHEREAS, the CITY, through interlocal agreement, (June <br />23, 1992) authorized the SWDD to provide the recycling collection <br />program within the CITY; and <br />WHEREAS, the SWDD, in fiscal year 1993-94, implemented <br />curbside recycling collection for multi -family units, to include <br />mobile home parks, and all residential units; and <br />WHEREAS, the CITY, having only a partial recycling <br />program of its own for multifamily units through Harris <br />Sanitation, Inc., wishes to participate in both the SWDD's <br />multi -family and single family recycling collection program; and <br />WHEREAS, the Act created the Solid Waste Management <br />Trust Fund to provide grants to assist qualifying counties and <br />municipalities in the operation of solid waste management <br />recycling and eduction programs; and <br />WHEREAS, municipalities with populations of less than <br />50,000 may not apply individually for grants, but may apply <br />jointly with the SWDD for incentive grant funds; and <br />WHEREAS, no local government match is required for <br />these grants if the municipalities representing seventy-five <br />percent (75%) of the incorporated population of the County apply <br />jointly with the SWDD, to the Florida Department of Environmental <br />Protection (FDEP), for these grants; and <br />WHEREAS, in order to apply jointly for these grants the <br />SWDD and the municipalities must enter into interlocal agreements <br />that determine how the grant funds, if awarded, shall bo used; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, grant applications submitted to the FDEP must <br />include copies of the interlocal agreements between the SWDD and <br />participating municipalities; and <br />WHEREAS, the participation and cooperation of the CITY <br />and the SWDD is essential to the successful award of a State <br />grant and the development and implementation of a successful <br />recycling and education program in Indian River County; and <br />COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE <br />INDIAN RI'/Elt COUNTY <br />1840 25111 Slroot <br />Vero Death, FloriJa 32960 <br />} <br />• <br />