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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1954 <br />0 The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />at Vero Beach, Indian River County, in a regular adjourned meeting at 2:00 o'clock P. M. <br />Tuesday, November 16, 1954, with the following members present: Commissioners W. C. Graves, <br />Jr., Chairman, Aubrey L. Waddell, J. J. P. Hamilton, H. C. Watts, and Willison Warren. <br />Also present were S. N. Smith, Jr., Attorney, E. E. Carter, Road C Bridge Superintendent, and <br />o- Douglas B aker, Clerk. Also present were architects, Dave Robison, Ellis Duncan and Bill <br />Taylor. Absent was John Marfleet. <br />Chairman Graves stated that this meeting was held primarily for the purpose <br />of discussing plans for an annex to the County Courthouse and the architects, as heretofore <br />mentioned, had been invited to attend. <br />There was a question as how to determine the best method for choosing an <br />architect, and after considerable discussion in the matter and statements made by architects <br />® Robison and Duncan, the Board got the impression from said statements that it would be best <br />or advisable for the Board to go ahead and make a selection from one of the four registered <br />architects rather than put same on a competitive basis because of the uncertainty of the plan <br />and of the amount to be infolved. However, no action was taken in the matter relating to the <br />selection of an architect. <br />The Commissioners then discussed.the probability of a building on which an <br />expenditure of twenty to twenty-five thousand Dollars was considered, to be constructed on <br />Block 3 of original town, same site now occupied by the Gommubi�t�gnter and/or designed so it <br />could be easily added to at a latter date. The thoughtwas also expressed that in the future <br />the County might have to abandon the present courthouse for a complete new structure or try <br />. q <br />and acquire additional land near or adjoining for the expansion of the present building. <br />The Board requested each of the County Officials to submit an estimate of <br />office space that is or will be needed, so that this information can be taken into consider- <br />ation in the planning -for the annex and/or additional building. <br />Jack McCown, County Agent,, was requested to invite Mr, Tom Skinner, who is the <br />Agricultural Engineer with the Extension Service, to meet with the Board on December 7th, <br />thinking that he might be able to held or assist in the preliminary thinking and planning <br />• for an annex to the Courthouse. <br />Notary Public Bondsfor Marie L. Swords with Lumberman's Mutual Casualty Company <br />as surety,_and.:Evelyn?F.,DeKold with American Surety Company as surety, and 0. 0. Summer with <br />Massachusetts Bonding.and Surety Company as surety, each in the sum of $500.00, were approved <br />by Douglas Ba#er, Clerk Circuit Court, as provided by law. <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried, the <br />Board then adjourned. <br />CHA I R MA <br />ATTEST: <br />0 LE RK <br />