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• <br />• <br />• <br />• <br />• <br />• <br />• <br />i <br />4 <br />• <br />The Lessee abandons the premises or uses the premises for any unauthorized <br />purpose. <br />C. If there occurs an Event of Default by Lessee, in addition to any other remedies <br />available to Lessor at law or in equity, Lessor shall have the option to terminate <br />this Lease and all rights of Lessee hereunder. <br />5. Lessor shall have the right to terminate this lease upon 60 days written notice if <br />A. Lessee defaults hereunder as described under Paragraph 4; <br />Be The tower is wholly or partially destroyed from any cause and canto <br />reasonably repaired. <br />6. The Lessee may terminate this lease upon 60 days written notice to Lessor if any of the <br />following occurs. <br />A. Lessee determines, in its sole discretion; that it will be unable to obtain all <br />necessary Governmental Approvals for Lessee's intended use of and improvements <br />to the Property desired by Lessee; or <br />B. Lessee's application for any Governmental Approvals' necessary for,Lesaee's use <br />of the Property and improvements desired by Lessee is denied; or <br />C. Any Governmental Approvals necessary for Lessee's use of the Property and/or <br />improvements to the Property, whether now or hereafter desired by Lessee, are <br />canceled, expired, lapsed aor are otherwise withdrawn, terminated or denied so <br />that Lessee in its reasonable judgment, determines that it will no longer be able to <br />use the Property for Lessee's intended use; or <br />D. The Federal Communications Commission allocates the frequencies at which <br />Lessee may operate its antenna and equipment and may from time to time change <br />such frequencies. Any changes of this nature that, m Lessee's reasonable <br />judgment, renders its operation of a wireless communications facility at the <br />Property obsolete; or <br />If Lessee determines that the Property has become unsuitable for Lessee's <br />operations due to changes In system or network design or in the types of <br />equipment used in such operations of Lessee's operations at the Property become <br />unprofitable. <br />F. Any termination notice rendered by Lessee pursuant to this Paragraph shall cause <br />this Lease to expire with the same force and effect u though the date set forth in <br />such notice were the date originally set as the expiration date of this Lease and the <br />parties shall make an appropriate adjustment, u of such termination date, with <br />1: <br />ei <br />• <br />,• <br />is <br />w <br />k <br />i <br />r <br />