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r-, 450 <br />TUESOAX ,, DEE(, EMBER 7,, 1954 <br />0 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />at Vero Beach, Indian River County, in a regular meeting at 9:00 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, <br />December 7, 1954, with the following members present: Commissioners W. C. Graves, Jr *# Chair- <br />man, Aubrey L. Waddell, J. J. P. Hamilton, H. C. Watts, and Allison 'Marren. Also present <br />were E. E, Carter, Road & Bridge Superintendent, Douglas Baker, Clerk, and George Heath, <br />Attorney, <br />Minutes of November 2nd were read and approved upon Motion of Commissioner <br />Watts, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and carried, <br />Minutes of November 16th were read and approved upon Lotion of Commissioner <br />Warren, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and carried. <br />Upon Motion of Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Warren, and <br />carried, Homer Fletcher, Tax Assessor, was given authority to make correction on 1954 Real <br />Property Tax Roll relating to the NY of Lot 27 and Lot 28, Black 1, Rivenbark Subdivision, <br />E, E, Carter, Road & Bridge Superintendent; was instructed to contact property <br />owners as to price of property located across the street and North of the Courthouse. <br />Mrs, Abne Christensen, Welfare case worker, appeared before the Board and <br />made a report of her activities for the month of November, said report was ordered filed <br />with the Clerk. <br />Betty Jo McLeod, Child Welfare Worker, appeared before the Board and submitted <br />a special report of child welfare services in Indian River County from October, 1953 to <br />October, 1954, as follows: Total cost long-time foster care in Indian River County $6,240.00 <br />Total appropriation 18800.00 <br />Deficit 4,400.00 <br />Miss McLeod requested an additional appropriation to take care of part or all of the deficit, <br />However, the matter was tabled upon the suggestion of Commissioner Warren. <br />Mr. Lee DeLoach, from Blue Cypress Lake, appeared before the Board regarding <br />a lease on a portion of the land owned by the County and also requested a larger parking area, <br />so as to take care of approximately 50 cars. Mr. E, E. Carter, goad and Bridge Superintendent, <br />was instructed to contact Mr. W. H. Surrency relating to the digging of a canal West of the <br />present grade and East of Mr. Surrency's fence, and to give the Board an estimate of the cost • <br />of same. <br />At the request of Jack T. McCown, County Agricultural Agent, it was moved by <br />Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton, and carried, that the Board agreed <br />to purchase a Speed Graphic 4 x 5 camera for $95,00 from Mr. Glenn Bolles. <br />Jack T. McCown also filed his annual report for 1954 which was reviewed and <br />ordered filed with the Clerk. <br />December 3, 1954 <br />Indian River Board of County <br />Commissioners <br />Vero B each, Florida <br />In re: Performance Bond <br />Paradise Park Unit 91 <br />• <br />Gentlemen: <br />i, <br />In filing the plat <br />for Paradise Park Subdivision No. 19 <br />the -developer -was required <br />to post a $2000 Bond td guarantee <br />the installation and completion <br />of the drainage structures <br />for the entire subdivision. <br />This is to certify <br />to you that all of the work required <br />under the Bond has been <br />