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• <br /> SECTION III - SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> A. Architectural Phase <br /> 1 . A detailed description of the scope of services is given in Exhibit "A" and Exhibit "B " . <br /> 2 . In order to accomplish the work described under this Agreement in the time frames and <br /> conditions set forth in this Agreement, the ARCHITECT will observe the following <br /> requirements : <br /> a. The ARCHITECT shall strive to complete his work on the project within <br /> the time allowed by maintaining an adequate staff of architects and technicians in the required <br /> areas of expertise, or having the services of qualified sub - consultants , approved by the <br /> COUNTY, on the work at all times . <br /> b . The ARCHITECT will comply with all federal, state, and local laws <br /> applicable to this project. The ARCHITECT will design the project in such a manner as to be in <br /> conformance with all applicable federal, state and local laws . <br /> C , The ARCHITECT will prepare necessary sketches and completed <br /> application forms to accompany the COUNTY'S applications for any required federal, state , or <br /> local permits , during the appropriate design phase of the project. <br /> d. The ARCHITECT will cooperate fully with the COUNTY in order that all <br /> phases of the work may be properly scheduled and coordinated . <br /> e. The ARCHITECT shall send a complete set of plans to all utility providers <br /> at each phase of plan development . Also , plans will be sent to every jurisdiction, or agency from <br /> which a permit, or approval, of any kind is required. The plans will be sent as directed by the <br /> COUNTY and the COUNTY shall reimburse the ARCHITECT for the cost of reproducing the <br /> plans at the agreed unit cost. The ARCHITECT shall coordinate the design with the jurisdiction, <br /> or agency in order to obtain the required permit, or approval . <br /> f. The ARCHITECT will identify all utilities having facilities which could <br /> be affected by the project. <br /> g. The ARCHITECT shall report the status of this project to the Director of <br /> the Public Works Department upon request and hold all drawings , calculations and related work <br /> open to the inspection of the Director or his authorized agent at any time, upon reasonable <br /> request. <br /> FAEngineering\Capital Projects\0399 North County Regional Park, Phase 11\0399 Prof Sery Agr EDB-Task 1 & 2-cjk.doc <br /> 2 <br />